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Jul 27, 2001 03:35 PM

Brazilian soda

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Does anyone know where to find Guarana, a fabulous, refreshing Brazilian tropical fruit soda? It usually comes in 2L bottles, and in the city where I used to live it's in all the Latin grocery stores. Despite the fact that I now live and work in the Bronx and have explored Jackson Heights and Washington Heights, all I have found is Jarritos (fine soda-the tamarind is superb-but not the same, being Mexican). The Dominican, Puerto Rican and Columbian sodas are way too sweet.

I've asked acquaintances where the Brazilian community in NYC is, but nobody knows, other than "must be in Queens somewhere."


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    Aaron Stoker-Ring

    You'll find two brands at Food World at the corner of 36th Ave and 31st St in Astoria. The store is by the exit of the 36th Ave. N stop.

    A brand called "Bawls" is available in several delis around Manhattan. It comes in dark blue bottles, studded for your pleasure.

    1. I've seen it several places, most recently at a Brazilian Juice joint on the east side of 9th Avenue around 39th or 40th street.

      If you ask nicely, they'll make you a non-menu drink from the cashew fruit (spelled jugo de caju? they don't get fresh, unfortunately it's from a bottled juice plus sugar and water) which is one of the 5 best beverages in the world, to be sure.

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        "a Brazilian Juice joint" - this must be "Amazonia", which is in Manhattan on the east side of 9th Ave between 37 and 38 (closer to 38th). They have Guarana as well as delicious wraps, soups, salads and smoothies (if you like, with all sorts of enhancers, vitamins or "power boosters".....)
        One of my favored lunch places with lovely window decorations (changing it's theme with the seasons).

      2. I'm not sure if it was a fluke, but I found guarana soda at the Malaysian beef jerky place on Elizabeth Street near Grand in Chinatown. I had to get a bottle since it seemed so out of place. I'm still trying to decide if the guarana actually went well with the flavors of the jerky.

        1. You can find Guarana and all sorts of Brazilian goodies at Brazil Emporium on 46th St. between 5th and 6th Avenues in Manhattan. It's not a storefront, you have to take a tiny elevator up to the second (I think) floor to the store, where you will be welcomed by friendly Brazilians and all the supercaffeinated soda you desire, in bottle and can form!

          Actually I just found a store in Astoria, while heading over to my friends' new apartment on 43rd St., I stopped at a place on Broadway around 43rd and 42nd that had a conspicuous Brazilian flag and a chalkboard outside listing all sorts of wonderous products in Portuguese. I was so excited, I went in and bought my friends a housewarming bag of stuff - frozen pao de queijo, malagueta peppers, garoto bom boms, and - I couldn't resist, for a dollar - bacon flavored popcorn. Those wacky Brazilians!

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