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Jul 27, 2001 10:41 AM


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My DH was just transferred to Flushing (lucky chow-dog!) and I provided him with a list of chowhound places I got from this search engine. Last night he brought home Vietnamese sandwiches (banh mi?) - or at least that's what he asked for.
What we got were hero rolls for each of us, and a large container of chicken curry with potatoes for each roll. Don't get me wrong, it was delicious, it was just not what we had expected - I had thought there was supposed to be pork in the sandwiches. I figured they gave us the "innards" separately, instead of assembling the sandwiches, because he was taking them out. Was there a miscommunication here, or did we actually get the right thing?
I would be grateful for any light shed on this, and for any other recommendations in the area, so he can keep bringing home great meals, and I won't have to cook!

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  1. Where did he get them from?

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    1. re: Helen

      I think he said Pho Bang?

    2. If he went to Pho Bang on Kissena Blvd., he should have seen the big sign behind the cashier when he walked in for Vietnamese sandwiches (buy 6 and get 1 free or something like that). I don't even bother saying Banh Mi. I'm trying to think what dish it is they gave you...interesting.

      You're right though, banh mi (at least in the Pho Bang on Kissena) does have a slice or two of pork, pickled daikon & carrots, pate and jalapenos on a hero. It's phenomenally good but I'm searching for places that would have more pork or other stuff in them.

      Happy eatings!!!

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      1. re: Wendy L.

        Wendy, are you looking for Bahn Mi in Flushing only?
        The grocery store next to the Buddhist temple at the Manhattan bridge entrance has at least 5 or 6 kinds of Bahn Mi. Combination Bahn Mi usually have the Vietnamese cold cuts in them. The one I got today, strangely enough, used sesame bread, which wasn't the case last time. It was late in the afternoon, though, so maybe it should be more a lunch thing. They also have BBQ pork, chicken, and something that reads like Asian sauerkraut, but I've never ordered one.

        The one time I got Bahn Mi from Pho Bang I thougt there was too much bread and not enough filling. Don't know if it's just coincidence, but the best Bahn Mi's I've had had been made in grocery stores rather than in restaurants.

        1. re: HLing

          Wow...thanks for the tip! Next time I'm in Chinatown, I check it out. Also, I agree about the "too much bread, not enough filling" at Pho Bang in Flushing.

          BTW, sorry I haven't had a chance to check out the lamb soup place you mentioned. Can't wait 'til it starts getting chilly for a nice, hot bowl of lamb or noodle soup & jiao-zi.

          1. re: Wendy L.

            There's another in Chinatown, Tan Tu Quynh, at 128 Hester between Christie and Bowery that 's pretty good. Last time I had it there were more veggies, but in a good way. (Also a grocery store)

            I know what you mean about lamb soup and cold weather. Although, my work place is heavily AC-ed, and makes a perfect retreat in the summer for heavy jackets and a bowl of hot lamb soup!!