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Jul 18, 2001 12:30 AM

Sushi in Queens

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I noticed that the last sushi & Queens thread was from late 1999. Any updates to excellent sushi in Queens, particularly in northern Queens (Flushing, Bayside, Little Neck, etc.)? I love sushi (I can eat it everyday) and since I've started working in Nassau, I've been itching for some quality sushi w/o the Manhattan schlep.

My husband and I really enjoy Tomoe, Otabe and Yama, but we'll even settle for East quality sushi. Any ideas?

We've tried Yuraku several times and I refuse to go back. I noticed a couple places on Bell Blvd. but too weary to try places where I can't see through the front window (are they hiding something?). Tokyo Delight is a takeout place I subject myself to for my WASPy CA/spicy tekka roll cravings (off Northern Blvd. in E. Flushing, near the Bway LIRR station).

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated and a thousand thanks.

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  1. I live in Northeast Queens and don't like the sushi restaurants in the area. I agree with you that the one's on Bell Blvd should be avoided. It's worth it to drive 5 extra minutes to Great Neck. Though I dont know the name, my friends tell me the best sushi restaurant in Great Neck is on the street along side the LIRR tracks at that stop ( note that if you are entering Great Neck from queens, it's the street right before the station, not the one where the ticket office is). I like Daruma, which is further down on Middle Neck Road on the corner. The Special roll combinations are very good.

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      Would you believe my husband and I already schlep out to Great Neck to Fuji-Ya? Is that the one you're referring to? We love Fuji-Ya 'cause they make the soba noodles just right and the rolls & sushi combos are pretty good. But it doesn't come close to Tomoe and the like.

      I don't like Daruma though. It's always packed and the service goes downhill quick when it's busy. Plus when I speak Cantonese to them (some of the waitresses are Chinese), they give me an attitude.

      We really like Yamaguchi in Port Wash., but it's too far. I might as well go into the city.

      1. re: Wendy L.

        Kisso in the Lake Success shopping center is very good, However you have to ask for their special sushi dishes.

        1. re: Steve

          My husband refuses to go to Kisso again. His Canon colleagues from Japan go there often (out of convenience). He tags along and always manages to feel ill or unsatisfied. I'm actually curious about the new one off Hillside Av. in a strip mall (going eastbound, it's before Wendy's).

          Uh oh...I started this thread as a Queens/Sushi discussion. It's starting to wander into Nassau, LI territory, sorry.

          1. re: Wendy L.

            Well ,as long as we have wandered into Nassau I must recommend Nagahama in Long Beach. I have been going there since they opened about three years ago and before that I used to go to another excellent restaurant where Hide the owner of Nagahama was a sushi chef for about ten years. We always try to sit at the sushi bar and let Hide serve us whatever he recommends as he knows what we like.He always comes up with new (to us) little delicacies.

        2. re: Wendy L.

          Yes, that was the one I was referring to. I agree that Daruma has its problems, but I only get the special roll combinations, a few off the menu, which are very good. Yamaguchi is also very good, but even farther than great neck. Either way, none are as good as the ones in the city. Bye the way, have you been to the new Japanese place on northern across from the golf driving range in douglaston?

        3. re: Scott K

          I like this spot called Ginza on Francis Lewis and I think 37th Ave, if im not mistaken. They have dozens of custom made rolls named after people and are all about substitutions and "build your own sushi" great place to try.. also reasonable in price.

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        4. I can understand you being a little afraid of the sushi places on Bell Blvd., but you really should try Okinawa (just of 41st st.) Excellent, fresh, and the service is wonderful. Stands up to the best I've had in Manhattan.

          1. Being a huge fan of sushi. I would have to advise against sushi in the Bayside area. I tried every place around and have been disappointed due to either lack of freshness, portions or poor service. I did have an order of sushi delivered from Okinawa a few days ago which took about an hour to get and then when I finally did get it ...I wish I never ordered it. I ordered spider rolls, salmon skin rolls, eel and avocado rolls and the dragon roll. Let's just leave it at...... Can I get some fish with my rice?

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            1. re: sassyhotchic

              Takara on 14th Avenue (Newly expanded!) in Whitestone is above average sushi & sashimi.Try the japanese pizza.

              1. re: johnk

                wow, what an old post.

                that sushi place across the way from the driving range in douglaston is no longer there. it wasn't very good to begin with (korean-owned). i think it's a garden shop now.

                there was another sushi place within the driving range complex in new hyde park, but that place is no longer there as well.

                the bayside places are dismal - as someone said before, there is no place there worthy of a mention.

                i like yamaguchi, but i find it super pricey for average quality. i do think it's one of the best options for those out in eastern queens/long island, but def pales in comparison to any of the sushi places in the city.

                the state of sushi is very, very sad in all of queens. i would love for a japanese-owned, japanese-operated place to open up, but the chances of that happening are very slim. i usually go into the city if i want to splurge on sushi, otherwise i go to korean "hwe" places in queens to get my raw fish fix.

                1. re: Linda

                  Is there any Korean place that stands out in this regard?

                  1. re: JacksonH

                    cheong ha jin on northern blvd, near the LIRR station (i believe it's broadway stop)? it's right next to the old quartet cinemas, which was a rite aid for a bit, and now it's nothing. it's best to go with a bunch of people, as there is TONS of food.

                    1. re: JacksonH

                      Here's a recent Digest item, including Linda's tips (and some other Korean recs) ...

                    2. re: Linda

                      Hi Linda,
                      Takara is Japanese owned. Have you ever been there?

                        1. re: mushimushi427

                          150-11 14th Avenue in Whitestone.

                    3. re: johnk

                      We just tried Takara and I'm sorry to say it was not a good experience. The restaurant overfills the rather large soy sauce dispensers and as a result the soy sauce gets stale. The sashimi is cut way too large and they serve Chinese tea.

                  2. In Bayside, I go to Sushi Bell. Not sure what the cross street is, but it is on Bell Blvd not too far from the Bayside Milk Farm. It is next door to a cleaners. I go there at least once a week - their sushi is great, and very reasonably priced. Plus, there is parking!

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                    1. re: saharasarah

                      Bayside options for sushi should change now that Mickey's has relocated there from Forest Hills. He has excellent stuff.....has always been my favorite sushi place in Queens.

                      1. re: EricMM

                        I used to live RIGHT next to Mickey's. Happy to hear they moved to B-side - I have heard good things about it.

                        1. re: saharasarah

                          Why would you be happy that Mickey's moved to Bayside when you lived right next door to it in Forest Hills?

                          I am a big fan of Mickey's and nothing has changed in regards to the food and sushi. It still the best, but the place is considerably smaller - probably about half the size. It is nicely decorated and it also has a patio for outside dining which will be nice in the warmer weather.

                          It would be nice, if the opportunity comes up, to open a second location returning to Forest Hills - perhaps they could find something on Metropolitan Ave. Seems like a lot of restaurants are opening there lately.

                    2. Ginza on Francis Lewis Blvd. is a very nice, friendly spot. The service is a little slow sometimes but always friendly. The proprietor is Korean and the sushi is definitely Japanese style. There are regular customers, many of whom seem to be local firefighters. A very popular thing to do is invent a maki, give it a name and add it to the menu board.

                      Ginza, 33-23 Francis Lewis Blvd., Bayside

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                        Ginza is excellent.
                        They're very good in giving you extra pieces to your dish esp if you're a regular.
                        The Sushi is also very fresh IMO.