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Jul 17, 2001 11:12 AM

Japanese in Queens?

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Can anyone recommend a Japanese restaurant in Queens? Preferably something around the Bayside/Whitestone area that would be nice for an anniversary dinner. Possibly with a tapanyaki (sp?) table.

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  1. Teppanyaki is somewhat hard to find in Bayside/Whitestone. The closest I can think of is maybe a Korean BBQ in a small/private room in Kum Gang San (Flushing). Stay away from Yuraku on Northern Blvd., I've had REALLY bad sashimi there twice and the cooked stuff is more Korean than Japanese.

    I've seen a teppanyaki japanese place off the LIE service road off Utopia going eastbound. I think it's called Fujiyama or something that ends in yama...I've driven by twice and I've never seen more than a dozen people there.

    If push comes to shove and you have to have teppenyaki, I guess Benihana in Manhasset will do. Besides, they do the whole teppanyaki/knife throwing schtick better than anyone.

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    1. re: Wendy L.

      What's the deal with that place Little Tokyo on Northern between Bayside and Douglaston, kind of across from the driving range? It might be an option.

      I have not been able to bring myself to go in for a meal. From the look of the exterior, it might provide that whiz-bang kind of presentation.

      1. re: Helen

        I agree with you about Little Tokyo. It reminds me of Yuraku, all the glitz but bad food. I haven't gone there for that reason, plus traffic over there is chaotic, esp. with the mini golf across the way.