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Jul 13, 2001 12:23 AM

Areo in bay ridge?

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I remembered reading some good things about Areo here, so I was planning to go. But looking back on the posts, they're mostly by ONE person, which makes me suspicious! Has anyone besides "Josh" tried this place? How is the food?

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  1. I am not affiliated with Areo whats so ever. I only can tell you that it is a sophisticated dining experience that will leave you wanting more. I am really ino this pasta dish with a light red sauce that they wrap in tin foil and bake for a few minutes.

    I think a good majority of people in this board preside in Brownstone Brooklyn and therefore have not made the trip to Areo. That is not a chowhound thing to do, so go to Areo.

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    1. re: Josh

      Where is Areo located? How are the prices? Thanks.

      1. re: Ruby

        It's on 3rd Ave. around 84th St. We spent $50 per person, including a little wine and dessert.

    2. I always heard very good things about this restaurant, and attempted to try it last summer, however i was met with cold service and rudeness before even entering the restaurant. Every table was full, and there was only one table open outside, i asked if my hubbie and i could take it, and was rudely told no, without any explanation of why! (a simple "it's reserved" would have done the job) That un-called for nastiness left a bad taste in my mouth...unfortunately, since then, I have not tried their food, but the service needs to take a lesson in keeping customers, not losing them!!!

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      1. re: jen

        I ended up eating there on Friday night. The food was pretty great - especially the appetizers (smoked and grilled mozzarella with mushrooms, fava bean salad, etc.), and the striped bass with a wine sacue.

        But yes, the service was less than friendly. I think it's because we didn't fit in. I've never seen so much big hair, big muscles and big makeup in my life. Quite the date scene, lots of strutting around. And the pink lighting in that place - eeeek.

        Whoever called this "sophisticated" has a different idea of sophisticated than I do!

        1. re: Cathy Elton

          hoever called this "sophistic

          I think the big hair and the scene make the restaurant interesting and give it character. It's not just an ordinary yuppie scene with bland food. The restaurant also has a modern rome feeling as well to it. The two scenes blend and thats what is so special about areo and brooklyn.

        2. re: jen

          The wait staff at areo happens to be charming and efficient and even if they were rude i'd sacrifice for the wonderful food.

          1. re: josh

            Areo is very good. The staff actually bent over backwards for us, I can't believe someone found them rude. It's very trendy/Tony Soprano. Loud talking, lots of theatrics. I like it but Ponte Vecchio is King so far of my eating in Bay Ridge.

            1. re: BRUCE

              would like to here more about ponte vecchio pls. thx

              1. re: sk

                Ponte Vecchio is one of the best italian in bay ridge IMO. I also would recommend Vesuvio which is more informal but still very good. Not a fan of Gino's, which gets a lot of business. Never been to Areo.

        3. I think Areo has good food, but all to frequently the service/seating is based upon whether or not you are a 'Regular' You find the same mentality at Italianissimo in Staten Island. It's both arrogant and a very poor business practice.
          There are a number of good Italian restaurants in Bay Ridge..I also think that Ponte Vecchio and Chianti are as good and have wonderful staffs Personally, I prefer the warm, old fashioned style of New Corner: Good food, reasonable prices, excellent service and something only Brooklynites can truly appreciate: On street Parking

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          1. re: Tay

            New Corner is terrific! Well worth the trip from Manhattan the time I went.

            1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

              Yes, I eat there frequently. Last time I had the salmon over fettucine. Scrumptious!
              If you go again,and you are able to eat fried foods, order a platter of Frito Misto 'for the table'. It's an extremely satisfying dish.

          2. I haven't eaten at Areo in a couple of years but we used to go occasionally. The food was always excellent. I had them cater a big party I did a few years ago and they did a fantastic job - my guests loved everything, from the fish to the chicken to the pasta. It definitely has a different vibe than most of the restaurants in Brownstone Brooklyn and Williamsburg. It's more old school Brooklyn. Not a hipster or Park Slope yuppie in sight. I do think they're nicer to the regulars but we were never treated rudely. I think a lot of people who eat there are from the neighborhood and know each other so it sometimes seems like you've wandered into a private party. But the food really is quite good and is worth a try.

            1. Full disclosure- my neighbors own Areo. Each time we have been, they have not been around ( a complete coincidence, they are usually at the restaurant) so we were not given special treatment. My biggest issue with Areo is that the noise level can be loud. Aside from that, I have enjoyed every meal- especially the appetizers. Its the kind of place you can have a special night, but not feel compelled to dress up.

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              1. re: carfreeinla

                One of the best Italian Rest the city has to offer . But It can be nosiy at times.

                1. re: FAL

                  You really think Areo is 'one of the best Italian restautants the City has to offer'?
                  I don;t know how often you dine out, but I find that hard to believe. Are you referring to the entire city or just Bay Ridge/Brooklyn?

                  1. re: Tay

                    I dine out about 4 time a week usally in NYC. I didn't think I would be smashed just because I had a few great meals there. I wish they would have a better wine list . Why are you asking about they way I dine.FYI I am a culinary school grad . So I do have a educated palate. Your are right there are better i really love San Domienico across from CPW . But I spend abut 600 every time I am there and that is about once a week. I dine at RAO's also any problems there.

                    1. re: FAL

                      LOL!... No 'mashing, bashing or anything like that... I was curiois as to how often you dine out b/c I would think someone who only dines out occasionally would tend to be more impressed with Areo than someone who dines out frequently.. Apparently not so in this instance. Although I think it's wonderful that you are a cul chool grad, that doesn't mean much on these boards. It's easy to drop 6 bills and have a great meal
                      The trick is to find great dining experiences that the average person can experience, enjoy and share with other Chow Hounds.