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Apr 10, 2003 12:55 AM

Reviews of every item on Henry's Hunan menu

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Did you read in the SF Chronicle today about Moss Gross who is eating his way through Henry's Hunan menu item by item (in order!) and then posting his review and photo of each on his website? He's on #56. The guy's gotta be a Chowhound. C'mon out, Moss--we're looking forward to your posts.


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  1. Actually, as of April 1, he's up to #58. Why don't you drop him a line and invite him over?

    P.S. Paul H tipped us to this site last January.


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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Darn it! I even searched before I posted! Sorry--it's back to Chowhound Search 101 for me. And looks like Han beat me to the punch--he already extended an invite. Do I have to turn in my Chowhound passport and slink off to another food site?

    2. Amazing--and he hasn't even gotten to the good stuff (the noodles) yet

      I probably ate lunch at Henry's once a week for five years and always ordered the same two things. Hope I don't have to hang up my chowhound hat for that.

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      1. re: Windy

        Which two things did you always order?

        1. re: Sharuf

          The cold noodles with peanut sauce, chicken, and cucumbers

          and the rice plate with the Hunan pork (which is one of the lunch specials--#1? it's been a while). Once in a while we'd share an order of the scallion pancakes.

          Lunch specials come with their addictive hot and sour soup, and even with a Diet Coke, this rarely cost more than $7.

          1. re: Windy

            Several of us are addicted to Henry's for lunch. We love the hot and sour soup and the spicy and hot rock cod fillets, extra hot. We vary somewhat on the other dishes but Henry's Special and smoked ham and green beans are always crowd-pleasers. Now with other dishes being reviewed, we'll be encouraged to branch out. Why stay in a culinary rut? Life's too short.

        2. re: Windy

          I always order the Harvest Pork. I really crave this dish.

        3. I actually emailed him sometime last year and got a response from him that he will check this site out. Not sure if he really did or not.

          1. Wow, this is really neat to see all this publicity. I'm surprised that such a silly little site can actually get noticed. And sorry for the late response - I've been off the continent for awhile. When I finish up the quest, I'd like to see what else there is here in this Chowhound thing. Until then, I'm kind of focused on one thing...


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            1. re: Moss Gross

              Hey, it's the Henry's guy himself -- welcome! Your focus is awesome. I couldn't take on this project myself. Like other folks here I wouldn't be able to resist returning to favorite dishes. For me it would be the house-smoked ham and green beans (a 9 on the Moss-meter, I see).

              Happy eating through the home stretch. If you're up to it afterward, come back and give us a summary report.