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Jun 20, 2001 05:50 AM

New Park Slope Brewing Company restaurant

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I ventured into the wilds of Red Hook for lunch the other day, to a spiffy new bewpub on Van Dyke street in the middle of an urban wasteland. I'm not sure it will get much foot traffic--although a squadron of tired-looking firefighters did stroll in while I was quaffing some brews. (They didn't imbibe.) That said, it's a very congenial establishment: What does anyone need in life apart from a high-toned bar, fresh-brewed beer, and a big brick pizza oven? The beers (five on draft)are tasty: They don't have a lot of complexity, but they're so fresh that it doesn't much matter. It's LIVING beer--as gratifyingly yeasty as that pizza crust. (How's the pizza? Just fine.)

I love the idea of the neighborhood brewpub, especially in a neighborhood like this. Check it out.

David Edelstein
Brownstone Brooklyn

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  1. Haven't lived in brooklyn in quite awhile, but a really great bar is on the left hand side of Court St. as you go against traffic - almost near the Belt Parkway. Sparky's Ale House. It has, oh, 12 - 15 beers on tap and everyone knows...ah forget it