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Jun 19, 2001 02:05 PM

What is a good alternate to Sripraphai?

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I was going to try Ubol's but am not getting that positive a response. It seems I keep being told taht palces ahave went down in quality. Is there another Thai restaurant in Queens that is very good? If so, let me know, and make some ordering recommendations.

I've just been at Sripraphai so much lately that I want a change, while still eating Thai.


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  1. I don't think you'll have a bad meal at Ubol's. It'll provide the change-up you crave, may provide ephiphanies, and in any case Sripraphai won't be around forever and we must constantly have back-ups in reserve. There is NO PLACE as good as Sripraphai (while Robert Sietsema and Jonathan Gold seem to prefer Arunee, many Sripraphai devotees seem puzzled by this)

    Yes, at Ubol's you risk eating non-optimally-delicious chow. But that's the price one pays for being a chowhound. Eat forth, acquire chow knowledge, and Godspeed to you.

    At very least, you can always go to Kabab Cafe next door for dessert and mint tea to salve any disappointment. I do that all the time.

    1. I don't think anyone is discouraging you from going to Ubol's. Just go and enjoy yourself and report back. Forgive me for being a bit critical, but I think you're using Chowhound as a bit of a crutch. Why do you need CH to give a glowing report before you give a place a try? To hound is an essential part of Chowhounding, isn't it? Isn't it up to you as a chowhound to sift out the great stuff from the mediocre? I think this is a great opportunity for you to make the Sripraphai/Ubol comparison and report back on your findings. Maybe you'll find something stellar on Ubol's menu. Use your chow instincts -- use the force, man. Then do the same for Arunee, etc. You can be our resident expert.

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      1. re: Eric Eto

        LOL, It isnt that I am using Chowhound as a crutch.

        I have posted all kinds of reports here. There is a time for everything, and with the group that I will be dining with, I would prefer an excellent Thai restaurant in Queens (other than Sripraphai.) So if there is a second best place, please let me know instead of sending me to Ubol's.


        1. re: Jayask

          GO GO to Ubol's. It is first rate. More refined than Sripaphai. Or, a little closer to home, you can try Arunee, 79th St, just north of Roosevelt; it's quite good.

        2. re: Eric Eto

          got to arharn thai in long island city

          i think it's excellent. do a search for other posts about it and get the address from their.

          good luck

        3. Many of my fellow Thais and I enjoy Arharn Thai in Astoria (near the 30th Ave stop of the N train) as an alternative to Sripraphai. The trick (if you don't speak or look Thai) is to convince the waitress that you really do want Thai Thai food (not 'farang' Thai food), AND to ask about things that might not be on the menu (one of my favorite non-menu items is the whole fried fish with green mango salad).

          I'm always surprised that people don't post about this place more often here, as it seems to be one of the few Thai places in town with a significant Thai clientele.

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          1. re: Tom Meg

            Tom--correction, it's near the 36th Ave N train 3205 36th Ave; (718) 728-5563.

            Used to be known for its excellent chili sauce...