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Jun 18, 2001 06:39 PM


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Not sure if this note went up the first time I posted, so...

Does anyone know where and/or where the restaurant Superfine (formerly located next to Between the Bridges bar in Brooklyn's DUMBO) will be/is relocated?


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  1. Yes, in fact I just took a tour of their new location. It's further down (north from their old spot) on Front Street (163?), just past the Manhattan Bridge. It's
    going to be great -- much larger, beautiful interior,
    with a bar/restaurant. They are aiming to open in July.

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      Last summer, my fiance and I walked all the way over to Dumbo in order to check out Superfine. When we got there, the place was deserted, except for the chef and her staff, who were sitting at some tables outside the bar. Since they clearly weren't serving, we asked if we could see the menu for future reference. "Can't you see we're in a meeting?!!" one of them snarled at us haughtily. No, we couldn't, but don't worry, we'll never bother you again.