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Jun 16, 2001 05:09 PM

hans gasthaus is GREAT!

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Taking my own advice about a good outdoor bar/restaurant in Queens, I went to Hans Gasthaus with a friend on Friday night. Don't let the "Under New Management" sign deter you - the same family stills runs the place and the kitchen. The bar is OK, and contains the typical locals you find in most Queens bars. But you have to go through the kitchen to the backyard... the yard is decorated as a mini-beer garden, with comfortable outdoor furniture, kegs with pillows on top, umbrella tables, Austrian flags, and festive decorations and lighting.

The food menu is small, but the things we tried were outstanding! The homemade pierogis were perfectly done and tasty. "Oma's Rouladen" was the best I've ever had with freshly made potato balls. The sauerbraten was also perfectly prepared with great gravy.

Add to this the friendly German/Polish family, the usual fantastic German beers on tap (Spaten, Gosser, Paulaner, etc.) and it becomes one of the few delightful al fresco dining experiences in Queens, and you have great night out.

Maybe I was just lucky food-wise, but I'd highly recommend the place - I felt like I had (re)discovered a TRUE hidden gem. For outdoor dining in Queens, it rivals the Bohemian Beer Hall and the food is definitely better. I'm certainly going back!

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  1. strangely, they're also a stopping point on the outer borough band circuit. Not sure where they hold the gigs, though...I'm assuming outdoors would be too noisy.

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      Supposedly, the very popular die Schlauberger will be there later this month. (No date yet). The bartender said they play inside, which is quite small.

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        OK, this is getting away from strictly food, but... Has anybody seen/heard Die Schlaueberger? I was at Hans's 2 weeks ago and the waitress told me they were "really great." Is it true? Somehow the whole idea scares me.