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May 17, 2001 11:18 AM

Metropolitan Avenue - Forest Hills

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I'm thinking of taking my husband to one of the restaurants on Metropolitan Avenue in Forest Hills for his birthday - any recommendations? Many thanks!

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  1. You might want to scroll down a bit since I asked the same question recently.

    I actually wound up eating at a new Italian place in Richmond hill , which wasn't anything to write home about.

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      New restaurant on Met Ave. Looked inviting enough-pretty interior, busy, doors opening up to the sidewalk... After my wife and I sat for about 10 minutes, the owner (?) came over, explained it was their first weekend, waitresses didn't show up, please bear with them. We did. For a while.
      Oddly enough, some tables seemed to be getting lots of attention, while some of us were totally forgotten. The party of four next to us waited 15 minutes FOR WATER! All of their food came out at the same time, just about. The waiter refused to bring entree dishes back to the kitchen while appetizers were being finished. He said something like the food would get cold, he'd rather leave it at the table. Huh?
      My wife finally got an appetizer, mine was no where to be found...neither was our waiter/busboy/owner. Finally, I gave up (this is after being in the restuarant for an hour, being served two glasses of water-our drinks never materialized-, and one appetizer). I went to the bar, found formerly missing owner and explained that we could no longer wait. Can you believe this numb-skull had the nerve to find the waiter, ask what we ate and hand me a bill, which included drinks we never had!!! Aaaargh! Not a pleasant start to your business experience on Metropolitan Ave. See what happens when I stray from Dee's???

    2. Try Metropolitan Bistro
      Great wine list
      Consistant Menu