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May 17, 2001 10:40 AM

What Queens restaurants did you "write in" to Zagat's survey?

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I'm just curious.

I added Sripraphai, although i don't know how Bann Thai got listed so quickly.

I also added Meson Asturias (Galician/Spanish in Jackson Heights), and La Flor.

(I added Scotch Bonnet (great West Indian) in Manhattan as well.)

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  1. I wrote in Arunee Thai and La Flor, as well as East (on 44 St. between 2nd and 3rd) in Manhattan.

    1. l
      Lou from Queens

      Zagat’s seems to think that Manhattan is New York. Except for a few overpriced, high profile places they know nothing about the rest of the city. I’m sort of happy about that, I wouldn’t want the bridge and tunnel crowd making me wait on line for lunch or dinner. I lived on the upper West side in the glory (fun)days of the 70’s & 80’s when it was still a real neighborhood. Now I only visit to go to the museums, concerts or plays. Except for some of the characters in Central Park the restaurants and people bore me to tears. Don't even bother to reply to them unless you enclose a C-note in the envelope!

      1. I added Ariyoshi Japanese. The only Sunnyside place in there was Hemsin, a pretty good Turkish place on QB and 39th