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May 11, 2001 04:17 PM

Best Takeout/Deliver in Park Slope

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This is inspired by the current New York Magazine feature article which purports to list the best takeout and food delivery places in New York by neighborhood. They listed 12 places for Park Slope and Fort Greene, as follows:

Cambodian Cuisine
Chez Oskar
Coco Roco
Fuji San
Hush Puppies Soul Food
2nd Street Cafe
Thai Cuisine
Tutta Pasta
Two Boots

This list got me to wondering what chowhounds who live in P.S. would list as their favorite place(s). I'll start by saying we like the pizza that Pizza Plus delivers. We've tried a lot of the other pizza places and we've settled on Pizza Plus on 7th Avenue.

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    Leslie Brenner

    Oh, my--that list seems to have been compiled by someone who doesn't live in Park Slope--probably not even in Brooklyn. Tutta Pasta? 2nd Street Cafe? Please.

    I'll have to really think about it, but I'd definitely put Olive Vine on there. And La Taqueria has actually improved of late, but that's a whole nother story. They put in a mesquite grill and started using better chickens.

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    1. re: Leslie Brenner

      Better than Olive Vine: Mr. Felafel (7 Av/3 St)
      Better than Dizzy's: Purity (7 Av/6 St)
      Better than Cousin John's: Paris (9 St/5&6 Av)

      1. re: e young

        Have to disagree, even not having been to Dizzy's: Purity is not better than anything; it is the absolute pits of a coffee shop. It may well be that Dizzy's is no better than Purity -- it's pretty hard for me to imagine a decent coffee shop in that nabe -- but I wouldn't eat at Purity on a bet.

        1. re: e young

          Purity may be better than Dizzy's, but that's not saying anything. Purity is gross.

        2. re: Leslie Brenner

          The owner of the 2nd Street Cafe has gotten way too cocky for his own good. I've been a steady customer for almost two years now and have recommended his place to many of my friends. But after waiting over 45 minutes for my dinner during which time my water glass was only filled once, I can no longer recommend this establishment. When I complained to Joe, the owner, he told me never to come back to the cafe. His food may be good, but he has a lot to learn about proprietor/customer relations. By losing his cool he has lost a good customer.

        3. That list just illustrates how useless New York Magazine really is.

          I wouldn't take their list too seriously.

          For me:
          Chip Shop
          Mezcal's (in a pinch)
          Tacos N.M.
          Coco Roco (at least we agree on that one...)
          Los Pollitos (I still try once in a while.)
          Tuscano Pizzeria

          1. I have a theory (which is mine) about the NYMAg issue which I posted on the "not-about-food" board. Basically, it's that non-foodies and probably friends of people who work at NYMAg wrote the mini-reviews.