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May 8, 2001 09:21 PM

Wild Edibles Seafood in LIC?

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I know they have a stall in the Grand Central Station market, but a while ago, while passing their former space on Elizabeth St., I saw a sign that said, "Please visit us in beautiful Queens," and gave a Long Island City address, which I didn't write down. Anybody know anything about this: location? just wholesale or retail too? cheaper than Grand Central?

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  1. i deal with edibles on a daily basis... there phone number is 718-433-4321... i'm unaware if the do retail out of their new warehouse... but if they do... it would probably be less expensive than going to grand central... and for the record i am a chef and have dealt with this company for at least 4 years, and have nothing but praise for their quality, as well as their professionalism, and customer service.

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      This was a great place when they sold retail downtown. They weren't cheap, but the quality was great and they had things you couldn't get elsewhere. Since retail moved to Grand Central, it seems to me they sell the same things as everyone else, but more expensive.

    2. I asked about their Queens location yesterday while picking up some beautiful shad roe. According to the guy I asked, the LIC outpost is wholesale only.