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May 8, 2001 01:21 PM

Park Slope Brewery/Ale House

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I had not been since the changeover. I welcome the dismissal of the Park Slope Brewery beers, which I found (at best) inconsistant, and usually lacking in quality and freshness. The new beer selection is nice and the Otter Creek Copper Ale I had was fine. The mac and cheese is similar to that of days gone by. It was the only thing I ever really ordered there anyway.

The waitstaff, at least yesterday, was discouragingly inept. Even worse, our waitress was positively negligent. Nothing, including my beer, came in a timely fashion. The waitress never came by at all once we got our food. No more beers. No "how is everything?" Nothing. She and her similar colleague hung out near the end of the bar yakking. Finally, as we were getting up to leave, having had the busboy settle our bill, she came by to see if she should bring our check.

There are too many other places in the area now to tolerate sullen service. I'll stay away for a good while.

The bartender is the same guy as before. Is he an owner? Anyone else disenchanted?

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    Bob Martinez

    After the long and passionate discussion that raged on the boards last month, I've got to ask. How much did you tip? And if you did tip, why?

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    1. re: Bob Martinez

      I tipped $4 on a $30 bill. It's small potatoes, I realize. I consider my tip to have been stingy and if it weren't for the hapless, but well-intentioned busboy (I've been there!), I wouldn't have felt compelled to tip at all. I only hope he got some of my four bucks and that the surly women posing as waitresses at the end of the bar didn't pocket the whole thing.

      1. re: Zephyr
        David Edelstein

        What a shame. Back in '94, the Park Slope brewery was making inconsistent but still fresh-tasting ales right in the basement; the owner, Steve Depthula, was always around and very friendly; and there was a sense of adventure... A neighborhood brewpub, what a concept! Unlike the zillion-dollar efforts in Manhattan, this one had a pleasant, rough-and-ready feel that compensated for the uneven suds. (And not all of it was uneven--once in a while you'd get an English bitter that was suitably mild and delicious.) The food was never great, but it was never execrable. Decent burgers, fries, specials. People cared.

        Then the brewery went elsewhere and the beer no longer tasted fresh--I suspect the lines weren't cleaned often enough, and Park Slope's beers were not the sort that could travel even a couple of miles. The food got more and more canned-tasting.

        I thought that by finally dumping the Park Slope beers, doubling the taps, and changing the name, the new guard was saying it was time to move on. But I guess what happened is that the Park Slope Brewery no longer wanted to be asociated with the place. Given the inattention to just about everything now (it's the sort of restaurant where you shouldn't order anything without asking someone near you what they're eating and if they think they'll live), I'd be surprised if they see survive much past the summer.

        David Edelstein
        Brownstone Brooklyn

        1. re: David Edelstein

          It's been about 2 years since I moved from Park Slope, and I am very upset about the downhill slide that the brewery has seemed to take.
          What happened to their awesome mashed potatoes? Where'd that wickedly sweet bartender go? Where's my Belgian Blonde??
          Try Johnny Mack's...

          1. re: Serena

            Johnny Mack's???? That place is horrible..uneven all around.

    2. j
      Joyce Goldstein

      I used to go there for the burgers and the onion rings, which while greasy were at least fresh and tasty. The beers were ok...but it was a nice neighborhood place. At times the mac and cheese and spinach would be passable as well. Last time I was there about a month ago it was all inedible and gave me a massive stomach ache. Not to mention the non-existent service. I swore it was the last time I would go!