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May 6, 2001 03:12 PM

"Fabulous (Polycultural) Fifth"

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We've lived on Fifth Avenue for 15 years and have waited for it to become, in the words of the Fifth Avenue fair organizers, "Fabulous" ...
I just wanted those of you not familiar with Fifth to know that in the next few weeks we'll have a Blue Ribbon related restaurant opening at 1st; a Caribbean/Southern quasi-buffet in the space between the take-out and sit-down Chip Shop at 6st, and, some while later, a new French restaurant at 5st.
As an Englishman in New York, I'm please that we have the Chip Shop, and will have the Caribbean/Southern restaurant (at a bit of a stretch I claim that as an English/African fusion), and the French restaurant (apparently being built and run by the English guy I met working on the reno.), ...
Fifth Avenue is really (beginning to) happen!

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  1. Philip--as you can see, we've swapped in your second version in place of the "typo" version.

    one thing...
    you may not realize that we have many thousands of users. So rather than be "just another Philip", if you'd include a last name or use a "handle" (anything to make your nametag distinctive), it'd allow everyone to get to know you and not confuse you with other Philips, past or future!

    of course, your nametag is your business, so if you'd prefer to be simply "Philip", that's totally your perogative!