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May 3, 2001 02:19 PM

Saul, Kalio, Grocery on Smith St.

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I've lived in the area for a while and not yet been to Saul, Kalio, or the Grocery. I'd like to go tomorrow night - from what I've read here and in other places, the Grocery might be the best food. Any thoughts? My grandmother will be with me, so if any of these are really loud or too cool for school, that would be helpful to know.
thanks for your help,

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  1. Kalio is one of my favorites in the area. Service is courteous, and it's definitely not too trendy or noisy. I was there with a friend about two weeks ago, and we had a terrific meal. Portions are really big, so this time we skipped apps and got our own entrees instead of getting several apps and splitting a main. She had the barbecued salmon, nicely grilled and touched with a sweet and smoky sauce. It was served with a fresh watercress salad and fennel puree. I got the double cut pork chop, also grilled, and served with sauteed broccoli rabe atop an enormous (plate-sized!) chickpea pancake. Fabulous. The wine list is small but adequate, and they have a full bar. Also noteworthy is their selection of artisanal cheeses. Definitely get a tasting plate if you're a cheese-lover - I've had some absolute knockouts. Can't comment on desserts as I've always been too stuffed to give them a try.

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      David Jacobson

      I haven't eaten at Kalio in several years. Grocery is my favorite on Smith Street, great food, service is wonderful but can be slow at times, to their credit, Charlie & sharon won't rush the food. Saul is probably the most polished of the Smith Street places, some people have detected a drop-off in quality recently, I haven't been there in over six months.

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        Brendan Taylor

        I couldn't get a reservation at the Grocery - so I'm going to try Saul. I'll let you know how it goes.

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          I prefer Saul to Grocery, although I haven't been to Saul in a while, so I wouldn't know if there's been a dropoff. I had one meal at Grocery and found it very bland, although the dessert was amazing.

          Isn't it strange the way Smith St. Kitchen and Grocery have the same interior? (I love Smith St. Kitchen.)

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            Brendan Taylor

            So I really enjoyed the meal at Saul. Service was very good - friendly, intelligent, and made good recommendations -- although they were out of a lot of items.
            So- I started with salmon tartare - it was delicious, topped with sorel (I think) and a very appropriate and light dressing. My father had green onion soup -- this was outstanding -- thin and silky like great oyster bisque. Entrees: lamb loin chops. No complaints - cooked well, flavorful (although in a somewhat ubiquitous red wine reduction). Vegetables in this dish were really good, with garlicky greens underneath. We also had the scallops on a pea risotto. This was excellent. Risotto was very good, flavored with truffle oil (so was the green onion soup, I think). The deserts looked a little boring, so we skipped them - also, this is a small point - but they only have coffee made with a french press. Not my favorite.

            I thought it was a very good meal -- I'll be back.