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May 3, 2001 11:28 AM

New Pizza Place in Park Slope: Any Good?

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The new pizza place on 7th Avenue and 6th Street (right next to Dag's) opened recently after what seemed like months of renovation. It used to be a pharmacy. When I walked by last weekend it looked busy, and I am wondering if any Park Slope Chowhounds have tried it. Seems to me like there are plenty of pizza places in the Slope, but I'm sure there is room for a hi-quality newcomer.

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  1. Its a kosher pizzeria which will also offer other items when it really starts up. When I dropped in last week to see if they had felafel yet, pretty much everyone wore yarmulkas, black coats etc. which was pretty surprising in that location (though it is right across from the hospital so maybe there is a built-in clientele for a kosher restaurant. It will be interesting how it shapes up.

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      Joyce Goldstein

      Really not surprising. There is an overflow Lubavitch contingency (from Crown Heights)in the Slope. There is an orthodox day care center at the top of 3rd Street at PPW and an Orthodox Synagogue on 9th Street that is an offshoot from the Park Slope Jewish Center on 13th and 8th Avenue. This is just the first outward sign. As to the hospital...most of the orthodox community goes to Maimonides.

      A little insight into Jewish Brooklyn....