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May 1, 2001 03:21 PM

Yet another Brooklyn catering query

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So to add to the clamor for Brooklyn caterers: My partner and I are planning a 10th anniversary shindig for this summer, and are presently looking for caterers. The first place we've actually been able to get a price quote from (Naturally Delicious, in Carroll Gardens) would end up costing us $75-100 a head when all the costs are added in, which is a bit out of our price range unless we sell the cats into slavery.

We're not looking for anything lavish, just tasty food that won't poison our guests. Anyone have any ideas, or should we just give up and invite everyone over to our house for fondue?


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  1. Rebecca Scanlon at New City Bar and Grill catered my daughter's bat mitzvah (at our house) last October. They did food for 100, had a captain, two waiters and a bartender, and organized the delivery for the glasses, plates, etc. We had wine, beer and sparkling cider. I think all of the above (including tips, etc.) came to about $5,000, and the food was wonderful. She and her husband Raoul are really nice.

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      Joyce Goldstein

      My sister had a client who did swordfish and some other kebabs for her, salads, and appetizers in large quantity. I would imagine that you could make the same arrangements with Sahara or Behar or a similar restaurant. If you want help, you could contact Columbia or NYU -- I think they have a student bartending service and waitservice that is reasonable on an hourly basis. You may have to do more legwork but you should be able to do it for a LOT less than that. The food will be tasty and plentiful -- you can choose it -- but won't break the bank.

      Have fun! Celebrate.