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Apr 8, 2003 01:02 PM

A.G. Ferrari's Tuna!

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God I love the stuff, I eat it every day. Does this mean I'm adicted ?? Does anyone else share the same feelings?

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  1. Is it a prepared tuna fish salad, from the case? Is there mayo in it, or is in an oil and vinegar type? Or is it from a can?

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    1. re: jen maiser

      I think mayo, but the tuna used it such high quality. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it

      1. re: cuneo

        Ohhh, I love this tuna salad too and have been trying off and on to duplicate. The texture is very smooth and I can taste and see very finely minced celery. I've also added garlic, extra virgin olive oil, mayo, and few other things but still no go.

        1. re: cuneo

          Yes, but what tuna do they use? I doubt it's fresh, Ferrari's is a nationwide chain. If it IS fresh, what Ferrari's store do you go to? If it's canned or jarred, what is the brand and does Ferrari's sell it in their stores? We need much more information than you've posted so far.

          1. re: dlglidden

   AG Ferrari is a small, local chain. 13 stores, all in Northern California.

            1. re: lexdevil

              Ummmm. My brother and sister-in-law (who is Italian) live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and they "shop" at AG Ferrari regularly. Ferrari ships its products all over the US and specifically has food stores in Portland, OR and in Washington that carry its products.

              So, the question I asked that still needs answering is whether the tuna is canned, jarred, or fresh and if canned or jarred, what is the brand name and how much does it cost. And if the tuna is fresh, the various A. G. Ferrari stores locally source their fresh foods. So if the North Berkeley store has fresh tuna, a San Francisco store may or may not.

              1. re: dlglidden

                I think this represents the extent of their seafood selection with no fresh fish in their system. "I could be wrong but I don't think so."

                1. re: wolfe


                  I'm sure you're right and thanks for the link. But that's a hellofalot to pay for canned/jarred tuna.

                  1. re: dlglidden

                    Then I hate to hear what you think of OrtizVentresca Bonito Belly Tuna seen on the net for from $14-$19/4 oz.

                2. re: dlglidden

                  Here's what AG Ferrari claims regarding its locations:

                  If shipping products "all over the US" makes one a national chain, I guess I'm an international chain (I ship things out of the country on occasion).

                  Seriously, I merely clarified their status because around these parts, calling something a "national chain" is practically defamatory. I don't even like their food, but I thought they deserved to be described accurately, lest folks start lumping them with Whole Foods and Panera Bread.

          2. TUNA at what price? $14/pound It SUCKS

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            1. re: mustardgirl

              The Callipo brand canned tuna AG Ferrari sells costs $12 for 200 grams, which is about $27 a pound, so that would make for a pricey salad.

            2. I've never had AGF tuna salad but the tuna salad sandwich at Caffe Centro in South Park is very good. It's served sliced Italian bread, I always get it toasted. Great sandwich and I'm generally not a tuna salad fan.

              p.s. $14/lb is just nuts.