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Apr 21, 2001 11:28 AM

La Flor on a Sat. night.

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With some visiting relatives from out of town, seven of us had dinner at La Flor last night at the one large table. Pico had fresh halibut with a spicy sauce that 3 of us loved. Lamb osso bucco was met with mixed reactions and my mixed seafood grill was as fine as usual.

The space is small and the tables close together. This is the first time we have been there when every table was taken and, as happy as we were for the owners, it was not the most pleasant experience. Very close to us, inches away, was another large group of about 5 people who were having a great time and laughing and talking at tremendous volume. Levity is great for enjoying good food, but when it is in your face, it can be a problem.

Pico did admirably with a full house, but my recommendation is to go during the week, if you can, and enjoy the terrific and with a less intense experience. The food is wonderful and our halibut was $12.95, a little more reasonable for his low prices, but still a bargain. We also had a crab salad as an appetizer that was superb.

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  1. I was there Friday night as well and had the lamb shank as well. Loved it! The grilled chicken salad w/mango chutney was also very good.

    The place was very busy, but wasn't quite packed when I was there.

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    1. re: Jayask

      And I was there on Friday night, also!

      What is it that makes the house salad so good? I had the lasagna. Next time I want to try one of the Mexican dishes- I haven't yet.

      Mike, I hope you weren't the guy who parked in front of from the big table who, in trying to get out of his parking space, backed into my little car many, many times. My friends and I stood there waving on the passenger side of that person saying "please stop doing that!", but he did it several more times and then peeled off. Drunk! Say it wasn't you!

      1. re: Kate A.

        NO, it was not I and I'm sorry that you had the problem. I've actually had my car smashed into while parked on Roosevelt Avenue and would suggest that those who drive to La Flor should park on one of the side streets.

        1. re: Mike

          Glad it wasn't you. At any rate, I must have seen your table. Were you sitting near the large group where the woman had to go to the hospital? (Or were you in that group and, if so, is she all right?)

          Thanks for the advice about the parking!

          1. re: Kate A.

            Hi Kate,

            I am Mike's wife. Yes, we were the group at the large table that you saw. It was my sister in law that fainted and was taken to Elmhurst. Luckily it was nothing and she is just fine. Thanks for asking. She did love her dinner (the Halibut special). It was funny that Vico, the master chef, apologized for charging $12.95. Just last week we had less fabulous halibut at Alouette on the Upper West Side and it was $21.

    2. Looks like it's about to get even more crowded. The NY Times has a review of La Flor ready to hit the papers tomorrow. And finally it's been cleared up for me--turns out he's "Viko", rather than "Pico" as I'd thought.