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Apr 19, 2001 12:32 AM

Where is the tamale lady?

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Hi. For the last two days, I have traveled to Jackson Heights to see the tamale lady only to find that she's gone! Does anybody know if she's on vacation, or is this a permanent thing? I don't know what to do!

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  1. You and me both.

    Like every great artist, the Tamale Lady needs downtime to reflect and recharge. She'll be back. I'll watch for her and post a "heads up". Meanwhile, check out some of the Manhattan tamale threads. Nobody seems to have followed my lead, but I adore the tamales at Restaurant Izucar de Matamoros (2282 Second Ave @117 St )


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      One night after work I stopped by. They did not any Tamalaes and no one spoke English. I didn't stick around but I'll have to try again.

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      david sprague

      that's odd...she was there on monday afternoon....i guess that living a couple blocks from her chosen spot, and passing by just about every day, i just assume she is there. i hope her absence has nothing to do with the food wagon that's rolled onto the same block in recent months (serving middling tortas and tacos). who knows, maybe she's teamed up w/them, franchise-style!

      1. b
        Barrie Covington

        Not sure how she compares to THE tamale lady, but there is a woman who sells her mother's homemade tamales and pasteles from a cart right outside the World Trade Center. The cart says "Gloria's", and it's in the square near Liberty Street. The woman who runs it is Aura. She also does tacos and burritos.