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Apr 11, 2001 10:21 PM

loves la flor

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experienced a loverly dessert at la flor last evening. the chef is so cute and he put together the best chocolate cookie presentation i have ever witnessed. giant cookie, soft on inside and crunchy on outside, chock full-o-chips. cut in four wedges lightly covered with a creme frache like dressing and juicy starfruit and asian pear sections on the side. also, a very fresh fruit tart, sharing the plate was a scoop of tangy mango sorbet and slices of asian pear. it was a feast for the eyes and the palate too. this chef is extremely talented and finds joy making his preparations. we are truly blessed with experiencing his creations for such affordable prices in our neck of the woods. it was a wed night and it was good to see many tables having dinner there. everything looks and smells magnificent. i plan to visit on a weekly basis to support our adorable chef. he is so cute, i could eat him up.

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  1. Agree, agree 1000%--the adorable chef is named Pico! He is something else, all right. Skilled, suave, cooking mastery and artistry and well, yum-ability!