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Apr 9, 2001 11:53 PM

Addresses of restaurants(do us a favor when posting).

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I Love reading about all the restaurants on Chowhound, But can you please list addresses or at least streets so that i can find it easier.

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  1. On the Outer Boroughs board, it would help to at least mention the borough that the restaurant is in.

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    1. re: efdee

      This has been addressed recently. Of course, mentioning the borough is necessary, but addresses can be gotten at a host of places on the web. Try, or if you want more information, and provide write-ups, hours, maps, cross streets, subways, etc.

      1. re: Peter Cuce

        I was given the same response to look it up in the Yellow Pages when I commented that location should be provided when naming a restaurant (at least for the first mention)I did look up the address for the indicated restaurant Anaseed and it could not be found, at least not by this commentor. As I think about whether an address should be given , I feel it is more expeditious for one person to list some location information than ask 100-1000 interested readers to go look it up. I invite your thoughts.

        1. re: bud

          I agree with you, Bud. Whenever I list suggestions for restaurants, I try to give the address or approximate street location. If I were giving a personal friend of mine the same restaurant suggestion, I would naturally include the location. If I post on the Chowhound board, I feel I might as well give complete info just as I would for my friends.

          It kind of annoys me when people respond to a posting and ask "Where is it?" Then someone else replies "I think it's at..." All these "unnecessary" posts that have nothing to do with food could be avoided if the address were given in the first place.

          Some places are so new that they aren't listed or one may not have instant access to a PC or cell phone. If I pass a particular restaurant that I want to try, I go in and get a business card for future reference. I realize this is not always convenient but it works for me.

          1. re: Ruby

            Yes, a parenthesis beside the restaurant name that includes the neighborhood and cross streets would save a good bit of work on the receiving end at very little expense on the posting end.

        2. re: Peter Cuce

          I suspect that Bud couldn't find "Anaseed" because it's probably spelled "Anise Seed". Please mention locations when possible and save us all time and frustration. TIA.