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Apr 5, 2001 01:03 PM

Pepe Violas (Cobble Hill) - Any Feedback

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I am fairly new to the neighborhood. One weekend afternoon, my wife and I walked Smith Street to check out the restaurants. So far we have tried Sur (excellent food and service), Uncle Pho (we have gone about every other week and find the food very good but the service hot and cold), Patois (good, not great food and again hot and cold service). We liked the menu and prices at Pepe Violas, but have yet to try it.

As for Court Street, we have been to Sam's a few tmies and love the food and waiter, but find it a bit expensive for the location and atmosphere. We love Osaka and are regulars, as we only live a block away. We also order from Inaka, a prety good (not great) sushi place. We have been to Kalio a couple of times. It is another good, but not great restaurant with good service but a limited menu. Excellent wine and cheese, however. One of our favorite places is right across the street, Cafe Carciofo. The satff is so friendly and helpful, the food is very good, they have daily specials, and it's also excellent for brunch on the weekends.

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  1. I too live a block or so away from Osaka and am a regular at Cafe Carciofo. As for Pepe Viola, I find that while the lunch specials are quite tasty (depth of flavor in the sauces on pasta is the highlight) and reasonable, the prices for dinner are just too high for what you get. Hence, I will go to Pepe Viola on rare weekdays when I am in the neighborhood but would rather go to Carciofo for dinner.

    Also, with Pepe Viola, it helps to appreciate their 'No credit cards, no diet sodas, no skim milk' schtick.

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      Pepe doesn't accept credit cards?

      1. re: Matt M.

        They do accept credit cards. Sorry, just being a bit facetious because of their motto: "NO DIET COKE, NO DECAF COFFEE, NO SKIM MILK¬óJUST GOOD FOOD"

        In case you don't know, they are part of a sort of mini-chain (all names begin Pepe).

        1. re: igj

          I like Pepe Viola for delivery, not that it doesn't have a nice atmosphere. The shrimp and white bean appetizer is incredibly good. In general, it's pretty standard, decent Italian food. Have you tried Queen or gone to Bay Ridge? A whole other league.

          Uncle Pho! Ptooey! (And, for anyone interested, I've sent the package of complaints about Patois from this message board to the restaurant. The eagle has landed. And the eagle will be met by deafening, snooty, silence I'm sure. But it HAS landed.)

          1. re: Kate A.

            I don't particularly like Bay Ridge. If I am going to drive 20 minutes to pay city prices and wait a long time to eat, I will just go to the city. There a lot of great restaurants in Bay Ridge, but I don't go very often.

            1. re: Matt M.


              Some are expensive, some are less so. And I like being in Bay Ridge, and would pay extra money to not have to go into Manhattan, anyway. Especially on a weekend.

              An addendum: I had an absolutely disgusting delivery experience from Pepe Viola last night. The gnocchi was so overcooked it was practically liquid, and the salad had dirt on it. Nice.

    2. Oy! as we used to say on Neptune Avenue... If you enjoy the food at Uncle Faux that much, it seems that "we" (as Chowhounds: Woof! Woof!) have lost the Vietnam War... again. Don't mean to offend but just WHAT do you like there? Other than the social approbation of being with other people of clearly delectable taste and achievement. Not sure how I survived the last 56 years in Brooklyn without ya'll but welcome anyway. (Hint: There's a place called Bay Ridge, see...)


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        Brendan Taylor

        I like Pepe Viola, and think the prices are very reasonable. I really enjoy the papardella (sp?) with sausage. It has a more exotic name than this... but I like it a lot and at $8.50 (or so), it will not break the bank.