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Mar 28, 2001 03:08 PM

Sweet Mama's

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Does anyone know anything about Sweet Mama's in Park Slope. I saw a segment on Channel 1 a few days ago. Unfortunately, I only saw a part of the segment, but they mentioned that the landlord had doubled the rent and that they were looking for other sites and did anyone have any recommendations about restaurant spaces (I presume in Park Slope).

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  1. Either that location is cursed, or perhaps just has a cursed landlord. No restaurant survives there for a substantial period, tho' Sweet Mama's has done pretty well by comparison.

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    1. re: Penelope
      Leslie Brenner

      I've long maintained that that's a cursed location. Maybe it's bad feng shui or something--everything fails there. But the food there wasn't very good, either.

      And by the way, this is probably an ignorant question, but doesn't it seem they must have had a two or three year lease? Does any restaurateur in their right mind sign a short lease? Or maybe in today's market they have no choice? Any insight?

      1. re: Leslie Brenner

        We ate at the restaurant that is now Sweet Mama's in its Petite Crevette incarnation and haven't gone back since. Nothing mystical about it, the place is an uncomfortable shoebox and about as inviting to eat in as the subway.

        1. re: efdee

          Actually didn't it have a subway decor in one of its earlier diner type incarnations? Wasn't there even a mechanical train that ran around the upper molding?!

          1. re: Penelope

            Yes, that's right, a diner with a model railroad that ran along the wall up near the ceiling. But the food sucked, even by diner standards.

            In fact, all the food made by all the other places that have occupied that spot, including Sweet Mama's, has sucked.

            Location cursed? Gee, I'd say the curse extends to all of Seventh Ave. With only a few exceptions (Max & Moritz, and, um...), the good Park Slope restos these days are all on Fifth Ave.

            1. re: Peter Krass

              The last couple of meals that I had a Max & Moritz were disappointing, i.e. not much filling in the wild mushroom ravioli and more mediocre flavors than I remembered. Is the Seventh Avenue curse spreading?

              1. re: efdee
                Leslie Brenner

                I've vehemently disliked Max & Moritz for years (I posted longwindedly in the past)--so I don't know if it's the 7th Avenue thing spreading exactly. I think there's been a problem on 7th Avenue for a long time.

                1. re: Leslie Brenner
                  George Lynch

                  Leslie, I am willing to bet that you are correct in that there is a problem, and I think that problem is rent. The price of square footage along 7th Avenue is higher than places in Manhattan. Combine that with the landlords' unwillingness to allow longer commercial leases and you have a situation invites chain stores and the like. As older and longer leases expire, current commercial tenants are forced either to take drastic measures to increase profit (to pay the new rent) or are forced out.