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clinton hills, bklyn: b-one

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hello friends

many moons ago someone posted about this place (on myrtle, near hall, i think). anyone try it recently?

a short while ago i ordered some delivery and was fairly impressed. i had pajun and veg. bibimbap. pajun was fresh and tasty, though it might have been improved w/ a bit more scallion and seafood. bibimbap was quite good. came w/ a platter of carefully arranged mix-in ingredients, hot pepper sauce on the bottom, a fried egg on top...rice separate. i'd never seen bibimbap w/ mesclun, but there it was, a nice bunch of raw mixed greens. interesting. mixed it all up and thought it good...the mesclun was interesting, though i'm not sure i'd prefer it over more traditional greens.

the order came w/ a green salad (iceberg...maybe they should use the mesclun here), miso and banchan. there were five banchan, one of which i didn't eat b/c it had beef in it (the very nice man on the phone checked w/ me about what i did and did not eat for the bibimbap, since i asked for veg -- egg was the issue -- but i guess that didn't carry over to the banchan). the four that i did try were very well prepared. somewhat simple, but very tasty, well executed. (i can only remember three of them: chinese cabbage kim chee, bean sprouts, and a vinegary/slightly spicy dish of (mostly) cucumber.)

everything was thoughtfully prepared and i enjoyed the meal. will have to try other things. i remember the person who previously posted on this place said they had ordered 'wrong' in that her feeling was they did 'homey' cooking best...that seems to bear out, at least in that, for my korean friends, home cooking includes these kinds of dishes: bibimbap, some pajun, jap chae...

anyone else have a report on this place?

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