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Mar 10, 2001 04:18 PM

Moveable Feast, caterers

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We are thinking of using Moveable Feast for our wedding, and was wondering if any chounds had opinions or experience with MF or other caterers (bklyn based? - fanfare?)

I was impressed with their suggested menu and wanted to get some tasting anecdotes.

thanks in advance!

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  1. We used this caterer for a kiddush-cocktail hour following my daughter's Bat Mitzvah two years ago.
    Originally,I had hired them to cater a more elaborate meal to be held at my house following the ceremony. They had developed a fabulous Russian-influenced menu, very creative. And they seemed to think of every detail. Shortly after I had written the check, I changed my mind (it was going to be VERY expensive), and to their credit, they refunded my deposit, even though they weren't required to. Later, I decided to hire them for the more modest job. I thought the food (basically appetizers) was very good, and would probably use them again. (I did think the servers they sent were a little odd, though.)

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      Thanks very much for the reply. From your post it seems you were happy with the food - that is great. I have been impressed with the menu they have fashioned but was wondering about the quality of their food. They do present a good package though.

      ps - where was your event held?

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        I used Moveable Feast for my wedding many years ago. Assuming the same people are in charge, I would recommend them highly. They were very flexible and creative both in designing a menu that fit our tastes and in finding ways to stick to a modest budget.

        Their food was delicious, and they also were great wedding planners and fixers, providing lots of useful advice and working out all of the annoying problems that pop up on a wedding day.