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Mar 10, 2001 11:27 AM

flash--Eastern Feast reopened

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The sainted Eastern Feast, home of the cut rate plov and $2 kebab has reopened in the space next to Mrs. Stahl's, where they were camped out for two years. For a while, its devotees worried that they were switching from charcoal to gas, since gas fixtures seemed to snake up to the Cadillac size window grill. But on a visit a couple of nights ago, the thing was stoked with charcoal and the guys were waving a box lid at it to make it go. They finally made good on their awning which said "Meditteranean Food" [sic], now providing Greek grape leaves, Greek salad, etc. And now, alas, the kebabs are $3.50, but the lamb is still great. Unfortunately, no more sweetbreads.

And note that Brighton is crawling with new Uzbeki joints. Find your own favorite.

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