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Mar 8, 2001 06:02 PM

Indian food in Astoria

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My fiancee and I just moved to Astoria and have been unable to locate a single Indian restaurant. Does anyone know of a decent place that doesn't involve going all the way to Jackson Heights?

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  1. well there are quite a few..can't say ive tried all, but we do takeout from megna(?), on 33 or 34 st just south of 30ave...also bengal on 31st st under the el, north of 30th ave and there are several small lunch type places on 30th ave between 33st and 35th st that are great for quick snax...oh, and sonargaon on 30th and 35th st
    happy hunting and let me know of any good finds.....

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      Very near my apartment, on 36th Avenue, there are two good Indian/Bangladeshi places. One is Millennium Tandoor - everything that I've had their is very good indeed, they make good, fresh, NON-SWEET raita and yummy tandoori chicken. The other is Dhaka Jill, a Bangladeshi restaurant, with excellent whole fish and a shrimp bhoona I can't eat enough of.
      Millennium is on 36th between 34th and 35th streets and Dhaka is on the corner of 36th and I think 32nd street. Millennium rarely has any diners when I visit, though they do cater events, and I think they are especially worth your patronage.

      Oh, and at both places virtually all entrees are below 8 dollars.

    2. "Does anyone know of a decent place that doesn't involve going all the way to Jackson Heights?" fact, I live in Jackson Heights and I trek to Astoria for my Indo-Pak food! Jackson Heights is pretty much execrable for that stuff right now (though I'll try Ashoka).

      These two places in astoria/long island city are The Thing:

      5 star punjabi diner, 13-15 43 Ave (corner of 21st street just south of 59 st bridge overpass), anything with chickpeas. good breads, goat dishes.


      Roti Boti on 21 street just south of astoria blvd. friendly staff but very barebones, ask what's special. very spicy, watch out!