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Mar 5, 2001 10:05 AM

Mas Que Pan/ Harvest Market

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I got some last-minute snacks yesterday for a gathering from the brand new Harvest Market on Court Street, as well as the Mas Que Pan bakery on Smith Street. From Harvest Market came tapenade, hummus, and slabs of manchego and stilton. The cheeses were both delicious - a big yahoo! for the neighborhood. The tapenade was fine, but I'd recommend avoiding the hummus. It's what I always think of as "hippie hummus" - way too thick and chock full of chickpea shells with almost no discernible element besides garlic. It would be quite at home in a veggie co-op at a small, liberal arts college.
Everything from Mas Que Pan was an unqualified hit, though. The cornbread was delicious, and their guava/cheese empanaditas are truly wonderful. The cornbread straddled the sweet/savory divide; it kind of reminded me of poundcakes I've had that were made with polenta. Sweet bread was literally right out of the oven. As an added bonus, their coffee is leaps and bounds better than anywhere else I've found nearby.

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