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Feb 26, 2001 01:44 PM

uncle jack's steakhouse- worth a try? & Indian food news

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Just wondering if anyone's been, and what you thought. Also, there's a steak place up the street from Manducatis- any good? I am always curious about meat.

And by the way, the chef at Ashoka is the chef from the old Jackson Diner. I remember reading here that some of you were wondering, so I thought I'd tell. I believe that explains alot.

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  1. Although he isn't a food critic he wrote a very complimentary column about Uncle Jacks. Compared it favorably to Lugers which I find very unlikely.

    1. I tried the steakhouse up from Manducatis about a year ago. It's not too hot, sadly. Costs the same as Lugers and its not half as delicious.

      1. thanks - I'll skip the place in LIC but may well try Uncle Jack's, and report back.

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          Edward Aretz

          The place down the street from Manducatis is called the Jackson Steakhouse. I like it. Although my wife thinks I am nuts, I like the steak better than Lugar's. The reason for this is that they char the steaks over a grill, so even if the meat isn't as good, it tastes better (to me).

          Moreover, it is a nicer place to eat. One thing that it lacks is good service and good management. The service is not always competant, and the management is often nonexistant. The rolls there are always stale even though they swear up and down that they are fresh.
          It costs about one-third as much as Lugar's so you can't have everything. I think the steaks are great!

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            OK, I'll bite - what makes it a nicer place to eat? (Obviously not the service, management, or the rolls!)

            1. re: Helen
              Edward Aretz

              The ambiance. I find it more attractive (in "classy" Queens sort of way. It also has the feel of a good neighborhood joint, and it is not pretentious. My wife thinks that decor has too much brass, but agrees the steaks are really delicious (but she greatly prefers Luger's). I reiterate, at one-third of the cost it is a pretty good deal.

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              FWIW, we've had some very negative reports about this place. Of course, opinions can differ.

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                Thanks, Edward. I appreciate your input, but I'm easily put off by very bad service. However, your description of the steak makes it sound like something I'd like.

                We never made it to Uncle Jack's, but istead tried Flames in Briarcliff Manor (see stuff on Tristate Board); great steak and lovely service-really warm. The price for the porterhouse for 2 was about $59.00. I'm not sure where that fits on the price scale.

              2. Excuse my cynicism, but the idea that the old Jackson Diner had a single "chef" is laughable. Anyone who'd claim that credit must be fibbing--every time I looked in the swinging kitchen door there were a bunch of guys gyrating around in there.

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                1. re: Aardvark

                  "a bunch of guys gyrating around in there"

                  you'll see assistants and helpers in almost every decent-sized kitchen. Doesn't mean there's not one person calling shots and setting tone. And Wendy's absolutely right that the JD guy moved...and I suspect she's right about Ashoka.

                  1. re: Aardvark
                    wendy (aka wemberly)

                    I would have appreciated your response if it had contained any information or opinion more valuable than that you witnessed, "a bunch of guys gyrating around in there." Your tone came across as unnecessarily sarcastic towards me, and the words you chose to describe the people in that kitchen sounded mighty demeaning to them.

                    1. re: wendy (aka wemberly)

                      from just looking at your e-mail, i got curious: are you ismaili by any chance? the reason i ask is that ismaili's are known for hospitality etc, and while there's an ismaili centre in london, no-one seems to be able to tell me where i can score the cuisine.

                      1. re: howler

                        Hi Howler. No it's not me but my boyfriend who's Ismaili. He says that the the cuisine is a combination of South Asian and East African, but is unaware of any restaurants here that serve that particular type of food. Have you had it anywhere? Karim - the beau - says there are Ismaili restaurants in Vancouver, and probably are in London. He hasn't been to the latter in quite a while.

                        1. re: wendy

                          Wendy--Howler IS in London. If you guys are going to discuss this further (and I sure hope you will!), please take the conversation to our International Board, where any help tracking down this cuisine will be ecstatically appreciated by the London hounds.

                          And while your boyfriend doesn't currently know any places in the NYC area, if you could ask him to work a little harder(!) and network and ask around, man, I'd sure LOVE to try this cuisine, as would a few thousand others!

                          Is there anything we can do to bribe him into making inquiries? What kinds of food is HE hankering for? Maybe we can provide custom tips, as payback!


                          1. re: Jim Leff

                            Hi Jim---I'm the boyfriend without the connections. I got to NYC via England and Canada so I have a distinct disadvantage in locating my community's cuisine here. To be honest, I've neglected searching out this food because I'm so happy with the chicken makhni at Ashoka.

                            We'll check out howler at the international board. If you have a tip on where to find the best fish and chips in New York, I'd appreciate it.

                            1. re: Karim

                              Karim! In person!

                              I love murgh mekhani (FWIW, by far the best I've had in NYC is at 5 Star Punjabi Diner in long island city...I just posted the info elsewhere on this board, but it's at , 13-15 43 Ave,corner of 21st street just south of 59 st bridge overpass) as much as the next guy, but that's about as Ismaili, at this point in India, as bagels are Jewish. You can't let this one dish hold you back from your destiny...to figure out who's making Ismaili food in NYC. Network! Make yourself up a button, reading in Hindi "Tell Me Where To Get the Chow!", whatever it takes! It's probably a private chef/caterer, by the way. I doubt we'll find any restaurants, there are not enough of you guys here yet.

                              Fish and chips: you need the fish and chips truck that parks in Woodside on weekend nights for hungry young Irish clubbers . I've lost track of their present whereabouts, but I will go find it and report back. For you.


                      2. re: wendy (aka wemberly)

                        I've taken the liberty of removing a long, off-topic sidetrack where Aardvark made clear he didn't intend to be offensive, and he and Wendy are now friends again, though we're still not sure about Ashoka's chef, and all parties to the conversation are abashed at having FORGOTTEN TO CHANGE THE THREAD TITLE when the discussion morphed to a new topic!

                        We now return you to the chowtalk...

                        1. re: Jim Leff

                          Thanks, Jim, I couldn't have said it better myself. But isn't sarcasm a protected right on this board, and shouldn't a test be administered to weed out people who are too sensitive to tolerate an impassioned reply?

                          To reiterate: the old Jackson Diner had no "chefs" and that was the reason it was so good. I'm sure there are plenty of "chefs" now, and the food sucks!