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Feb 23, 2001 12:53 PM

Best of Rego Park, Forest Hills, Queens NY

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Dear Foodies, 2/23/01

Playtime is now over, Manhattan and Brooklyn have dominated this board for far to long. Now it is my turn. The following restaurants are the best of the best in my area. Follow my advice and you will be a happy camper.

Corona Pizza-
(1971-2000) Flushing
51-23 108th Street
Te; # 718-271-3736

Lone before thin crust Pizza was in vogue Corona was making pies for both the stadium and TV staff of the people who covered the U.S. Open in Flushing Meadows New York. Their hot heroes are first rate, served on fresh crispy bread.

Corona Ices—Right across the street, the BEST Italian ices in the city of New York.

Ben’s Best is now best Deli in New York City.
96-40 Queen Blvd.- Rego Park
Tel# 1800-236-7237
The son, Jay Parker used to work on Wall Street and was helping his father run the business during a long illness. He quite Wall Street and kept the business, with the demise of Pastrami King in Kew Gardens (favorite judge/cop hangout) he is now the king of New York! He caters for New York political folks residing in Washington.

Auellino Pizza
97-03 64th Avenue- Rego Park
Tel# 718-459-0632

Across the street from Ben’s Best and almost equal to Corona Pizza.

Goody’s Chinese Restaurant-
94-03 63rd Drive – Rego Park
Rego Park
Tel# 718-896-7163

Their Dumplings, Casseroles and Chef Specialties will wonder why you would even bother to make a trip to Chinatown. Even the NY Times knows about them.

Mickey’s Place –Japanese Restaurant – Rego Park
101-16 Queens Blvd.
Hands down one of the best Sushi places in the city. My Japanese cousin by marriage was very impressed. Need I say more?

Peking Duck
107-12 70th Road-Forest Hills
Forest Hills

Order two dishes and both will be excellent. Old timers who has provided great services for over a decade.

The Family Restaurant (Neapolitan)
110-80 Queens Blvd. Forest Hills
Tel#718 520-1123
A traditional restaurant run by a family from Italy and Spain. Great Seafood, beautiful setting, and good wine list. What more do you want?

Nick’s Pizza
Off Ascam Ave. Forest Hills (menu did not have an address)

O.K. it is gourmet pizza and it’s great. Really a wonderful pizza experience. Good, reasonable beer and wine list. If you prefer traditional go to A.J.’(by the slice) a couple of blocks down Austin Street.

God bless, and Good eating…..Lou from Queens

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  1. Hey, Lou

    Welcome to Chowhound, but I must take exception to one thing: we've got TONS of Queens stuff on this board! Give it another look!

    Some good places, but are you sure The Family Restaurant is still good? It was a big thing like 20 years ago, and while I admittedly haven't been there in ages, the conventional wisdom is that it's just a vestige (and prices are way higher than they used to be). If you've been there lately and insist it's still happening, I'll go try it again fer sure.

    Try the cannolis at Nick's Pizza. They're sort of revisionist, and way over-priced, but they're beyond wonderful. Also note that when the place runs out of cheese from Corona Pork Store they use absolute junk. Be careful going late on busy days.

    also, how do you like the falafal place down that block?

    As for Corona Ice King, other than sentimental feelings I'm not a fan. The ices on Staten Island blow 'em away. Ralph's is the obvious choice there, but my favorite ices on S.I. are J&W's ices in back of J&W's bagels on amboy road, corner hugeneot ave (summers only).

    Oh, you gotta check out Lion Pavilion....see link below for more info



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    1. re: Jim Leff
      Lou from Queens

      The Family is still in play. Why would I travel to Staten Island to get a lemon ice that might be equal but not better then Corona? They used to have a small old truck that came in the summer to ABC on 67th and CBS on 57th. You always knew were everybody in the building was at the 1pm - 2pm after the lunch break. Will check some of your places, thanks.....Lou

      1. re: Lou from Queens

        The Lemon Ice King is wonderful, even if they have started to give out napkins. But no list of Forest Hills spots is complete without a mention of Eddie's Sweet Shop for ice cream. A true classic, Eddie's is Frank Capra meets Norman Rockwell. Not to be missed!!! Great ice cream and atmosphere. It's on Metropolitan Avenue across the street from the Cinemart Theater.

        Here in Wisconsin, custard's the thing, but whenever I get back home, it's Eddie's or the Lemon Ice King to satisfy my sweet tooth. Sigh.

        A Mets/Knicks fan in Badger/Packerland

        1. re: TBOO

          But still no mixing!
          As I posted last year I heard Peter Benfaremo, THE ice king, took on a partner since there is no heir to take over the business. There were posts that spoons were offered but I went several times and they weren't offered.
          Eddie's still going strong. One thing I could never figure out is why they closed for vacation for TWO WEEKS IN AUGUST!! That is peak season.
          You ever go to Baldi's Pastry Shop across from Ice King? Best cannolis I've ever had!
          How did you wind up in Wisc? I used to go to Milw on business twice a year and that place is always COLD!!!! Thank God for Coerpers Steakhouse.

          1. re: BUCKEYE

            The Lemon Ice King never let me down, napkins or no napkins. Slurping down a tasty cup of coconut or pistachio ices while taking in a bocce game across the street is my idea of a midsummer night's dream.

            And I brought a pound of Baldi's wonderful butter cookies back to my office in Wisconsin last year. Out of this world!

            Thanks to this site, I will be sure to check out the sandwiches at the Corona Pork Shop next time I'm in the area. What a corner!!!

            Moved here for a job, of course. It's not a bad place to live though I would gladly trade all the beer, brats and kringle for a decent slice and a corned beef sandwich.

            Keep sharing your Milwaukee favorites, Buckeye. And welcome to the site, Chino. Yaroo forever!!

            1. re: TBOO

              The Corona Pork Store is also great but I prefer Mama's on 104th St (few blocks towards roosevelt from Corona Pork Store). Awesome Italian heroes and you'll love that they're all huge Mets fans there and I think they deliver post game heroes sometimes to Shea clubhouse for Mets players. They claim Bobby V comes in occasionally also.
              As for the Ice King when they came out with the Peanut Butter Ices (i believe only new flavor there in 40 yrs) I bcame addicted. prior to that I loved the Pistachhio.
              Have you been to A Badger football game yet? I went to a few with a friend that lives in Chicago in early 80s and it was quite an experience-Brats and Beer and late Oct snow at 10:00 a.m.(I was a lot younger!!)
              As for Milwaukee make sure to try Coerpers Steakhouse and try to stay warm-that place is almost always cold.

              1. re: BUCKEYE

                Gee, I totally agree with you about the peanut butter and the pistachio -- those are my two favorite LIK flavors! I haven't met anyone else that likes those two -- people always seem a little grossed out by the idea of pb Italian Ice. I think I had pizza at Mama's a few weeks ago -- I did not remember the place's name but your description seems to match. The pizza was great!

                1. re: Jeremy Osner

                  The first time I saw the PB ices there (probably mid 80s)I was a little put off but the first taste had me hooked. I grew up on the Pistacchio ice (started going to LIK in early-mid 60s when it was located next door where that storage garage with white garage door is)

                  Mamas doesn't serve pizza-it's a hero/cheese shop that is officially named Leo's Latticini but affectionately known as Mama's since there is a small red sign outside that says Mamas. It's on 104th St and the low 40s (Streets run at angles there) and is a short ditance from Ice King.
                  They have great heros and the fresh mozzarella cheese they use is awesome. (been mentioned on Food Network for their cheese and Ed Levine's book also speaks very highly of them). It's best to wait til weather warms up when they have tables set up outside to eat at. Otherwise it's strictly takeout. The ladies that work there (mostly family) are very friendly and are big time Mets fans (i keep my strong Yankee feeling to myself at least until after I have the sandwich in my hand).
                  Give it a try and post.

                  1. re: BUCKEYE

                    I will give it a try -- though I think I'll wait for the warm weather. The good slice I had was across the street from there, on the next block up.

                    1. re: BUCKEYE

                      yep nancy and the girls. great wedges 4 sure

            2. re: TBOO

              Sure Eddie's is great. The old fashioned counter is beautiful and the ice cream treats look great, but the prices are certainly not old fashioned. Too pricey.

              1. re: TBOO
                Lou from Queens

                Thanks. I forgot to mention Eddie’s Sweet Shop. You will believe in time travel once you enter this place. They even have an old telephone booth in the back. This place will bring back memories to Grandpa and give the kids a taste of living history. The old glass dishes and ice cream deserts and sodas are a real treat. Sure the prices are not the same, neither is the rent. Metropolitan Avenue has lost many of its old antique stores, some of which had really good 1930 – 1940 furniture. This place should be declared a landmark in Queens, nothing like it in Manhattan.

          2. And across the street at Baldi's Bakery they have the best cannolis I've ever had.
            I'm a long time Queens resident (Forest Hills)myself and enjoyed your post.
            Bens is an institution and Jay Parker is a PR maven. I've seen Congressman Ackerman there often and they even have a sandwich named after him. I agree-I'll put Ben up against any deli in NYC.
            I like Nicks but I think there is better pizza to be had. I've never been to Corona Pizza since when I'm in the area it's usually for Parkside Italian or Mama's Sandwich Shop on 104th St. followed of course by ices for dessert.

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            1. re: BUCKEYE
              Lou from Queens

              Yes of course your right. I took some people from the "Hall of Science" who were visiting from Canada. They were in heaven. I'll check out your recommendations. Queens Rules. Thanks....Lou from Queens (neighbor)and former upper Manhattan Westsider!

            2. I saw the info about Goody’s Chinese Restaurant and just had to comment. Yes the food is good, but if your not Asian, your going to get the worst service and prejudices you've ever experienced. I've watched Asians arrive and get service while I've sat and sat and sat and sat without service. I've even gone back several times thinking maybe it's just an off night, but no. My advice if you appear asian it's a great place, if your not expect to learn what it's like to uncounted, second class citizen.

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              1. re: bruce

                I haven't been to Goody's in a year, but the first time I went there, I was astounded at how nice they were to [Caucasian] me. And every time I went back it was the same thing. Compared to most of the places I'm used to in Manhattan Chinatown--the waiter at Kam Chueh who barked "Eat your food!" at us when we asked, for the fourth time, for water--Goody's was like the Union Square Cafe. It was a waiter at Goody's who showed me how to properly eat a soup dumpling.

                Now Goody's was closed for a bit a while ago, wasn't it. Is it possible that the management has changed? How long ago were you treated badly?

              2. Hey who's got the best Freshest home made ice cream??
                Eddie's on metro sure eddie can use some improvement on his people skills but his ice cream is worth the atitude

                1. My favorite food place in Forest Hills is Bonelle Bakery. I love their cookies, fruit tarts and lemon cakes. I think they get their bread from Tom Cat. (?)