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Feb 23, 2001 12:07 PM

ISO tamales in Sunnyside

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Anybody know a reliable source for good tamales in the 46th St. area of Sunnyside? I often go to Taco Fiesta (on Queens Blvd between 45th and 44th Sts.) for their extremely satisfying pancita (tripe soup). Sometimes their tamales are heavenly, but sometimes they're very dried out, chewy and burnt-tasting. Maybe this is some traditional preparation that I've never heard of, or maybe they figured it wouldn't matter to a non-Mexican like myself.

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  1. We like the tamales in El Portal, Mexican restaurant on 46th Street, a half block south of Greenpoint Ave., west side of the street. We've tried lots of local tamales in Sunnyside, and my wife and I have found these to be consistently the best for us. We usually ake them out and tell them "frio" so they won't heat them up in the microwave. Very easy to steam them
    home. The owners speak good English but a little Spanish with the young waitresses will help.