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Feb 16, 2001 03:40 PM

Valantine's Day Meson Asturias (Jackson Heights) report

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I went to Meson Asturias on Vlentine's Day with a group of friends. They feature the cuisine of Galicia (NW Spain.)

While I do not beleive they normally carry paella (since they are Galician) it was part of their Vday menu, and was excellent. It had mussels, clams, chicken, sausage, srimp, and calimari rings. The Steak with red wine sauce was very flavorful, and was also a special. I ordered parillada de mariscos (seafood mixed grill) which was extremely good. The whole calimari was incredibly tender (and the best I've had in a restaurant), and the clams, mussels, shrimp, and lobster claw were good as well. I will say that the pieces of fish were way too small. I have to recommend the serrano ham tapa (which was thick and better than what I've had in NY) and the garlic shrimp. The sauce of the shrimp is so good that you want to scoop in up with bread. The soup of the day (cream of crab) was also good. The flan was good as well. I thought that the cafe solo that I ordered should have been stronger.

I actually had planned to order a Galician steak dish which has a cabrales (blue cheese) sauce, but it is only on their regular menu (so was not available). There is always next time.

They have tapas at the bar.

I saw them opening a bottle of cava at the bar, so ordered a glass. It was quite good, but was not the same one that we were served at the table as part of the valentine's day special. The one at the bar was better.

They had a guitar player, and I belive that they ahve entertainment Saturday nights. Reserve if you are going to go on a Saturday night.

On the downside, because it was a Holiday (presumably) service was not good. It was Valentine's Day, so I won't hold it against them.

Meson Asturias
40-12 83rd St, Queens, NY 11373

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  1. So how much did this set you back?

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    1. re: Helen

      I actually can't answer (as far as the complete bill)the question since they were treating me for my Birthday and wouldn't let me anywhere near the check. It must have been expensive since we had 4 people and ordered a lot of food. Also, since it was a holiday, we didn't see the normal menu, so the food (and therefore prices) were different. The Valentine's day specials (paella, steak w/red wine sauce, or fish fillet)that included soup, dessert, coffee, and cava were $22 (an excellent deal).

      You can read the piece that the Village Voice did on them at for an idea on how the pricing normally runs.


    2. They are NOT Galician Mesón Asturias is an Asturian restaurant and they do serve Paella everyday

      1. Does anyone have a working phone number for this place? The number listed all over the web, including here, is out of service.

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        1. re: versicle

          Unless they moved to a new location and I missed the memo, Meson Asturias has been gone since last summer. I dropped by the old location back in July, and the storefront was being completely gutted. Would love to know if the place popped back up somewhere else, though!

          1. re: UnitedNationsOfFood

            A taco place has taken over the old Meson Asturias. I doubt that it will pop up anywhere else. I was acquainted with Pepe the owner, and he owned the whole building and lived on one of the upper floors. He may have simply retired. Meson Asturias' heyday was long past. The guy who used to organize the flamenco, dance and make the costumes died over 10 years ago and, in my opinion, it never recovered from losing the show.