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Feb 12, 2001 11:54 AM

Good espresso in Carroll Gardens?

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I'm a big espresso fan, and live in this neighborhood. Does anybody know of a really good espresso (along the lines of Cafe Reggio in Manhattan)? I'm sure there's one to be had in such a richly Italian neighborhood.

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  1. Unfortunately, like with pizza, there is a surprising abundance of 'feh' or feeble espresso in CG, but for takeaway cups, I think they do a nice job at Mazzola's Bakery on Court (I haven't tried it at their Union/Henry location but it's probably good there as well.) Paninoteca on Smith made me a great latte during one visit, but then again, I think they do everything SO WELL!

    Restaurants that serve a nice one include Caffe Carciofo and Queen, both on Court.

    Otherwise, you can grab perfectly adequate espresso and espresso drinks at Fall Cafe on Smith; if you're in the area, do not try Bagels by the Park, their swill will make you long for a vending machine serving of General Foods International Coffee "Cappuccino"!

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      Brendan Taylor

      You may be right about the espresso at Bagels by the Park, but I really like their bagels a lot. Can't wait for it to warm up again to spend Saturday mornings in their courtyard reading the police blotter and eating a bagel.

      1. re: Brendan Taylor

        I have found their bagels pretty hit or miss, as in perfectly yummy half the time and then semi-cooked the other half. Raw dough just isn't the same sans choclotae chips, for me! Have you tried Bagel World on Court near Bergen, I often toddle over there for a bagel fix (also rationalizing the long walk to and fro will burn off some of the calories!)

      2. re: Anne S.

        i LIKE general foods international coffee cappuccino flavor. it's a combination of being lazy and likeing something sweet and milky and vaguely coffee-like in the morning. i've also tried a couple of their other flavors--mocha, and one with mint (!) does anyone else have a general foods predilection to get off their chest?

        for espresso (which i take midday), halcyon's pretty good.

        1. re: maya

          Ha, ha, I freely admit that I spent a great deal of my time in college "celebrating the moments of my life" w/ Cafe Vienna, non-sugar-free, thank you very much! That being "confessed", I must say those drinks and coffee in general doesn't benefit well from vending machine incarceration -- that's how icky the two cappy's I had at Bagel's were!

      3. Panino'teca on Smith Street has the best espresso in town. The coffee is La colombe(?)and is used in all of Jean-Jorges Vonrichten's restaurants as well as Alain Ducasse. The espresso is served short and they offer both a medium and an extra-dark roast, I prefer the medium. The food is also fabulous, check them out.