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Feb 1, 2001 05:03 PM

Delivery in Greenpoint

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I received a message via Taste of Brooklyn from a woman (not from Brooklyn) whose son was in an accident and he is now housebound in Greenpoint. She asked if I could suggest any good Italian places or delis that deliver to Commercial Street.

(As you all know by now, the racist, elitist, and "creepy" Taste Of Brooklyn purposefully only covers the white-centric gentrified areas like Brooklyn Heights and we have no desire to ever visit other neighborhoods like Greenpoint.)

But seriously, does anyone have any recommendations I can pass on to her? THanks.

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    david sprague

    i'm not 100% sure they deliver at all anymore, but back when i lived up near where your friend's son lives--and we're talking 15 years ago (!)--i often turned to Casa Nova for comfort food. It's on McGuinness Blvd, under the entrance ramp to the Pulaski Bridge (at Green, or perhaps Freeman), and it's one of those joints that looks like a pizza place (with good sicilian, btw), but holds a "secret" menu of terrific homey italian dishes.

    excellent shrimp dishes--at least the quality was still holding up when i went there about two months back--and lovingly ladled pastas that are surprisingly complicated. a lot of it changes day to day, but suffice to say, if they do deliver, it's hard to go wrong.

    also, the Chinese place on Greenpoint Ave (which also delivered to me on Eagle St) was much better than most delivery joints I've patronized over the years. Light on the grease and cornstarch, heavy on actual ingredients. I think it's called Chinese Musician--and, while not worth a trip in and of itself, was still reliable (again, as of last year).

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      Myra Alperson

      This is a very late post to a query from February, but there's a nifty place in Greenpoint at 700 Manhattan Ave. called Lite Bites II (Lite Bites I is in Manhattan) that delivers all kinds of stuff - sandwiches, quesadillas, salads, chicken, etc.etc., and the number is 718/383-2820.

      I hope the person mentioned in the February post is ambulatory now, but I gather that there are quite a few good delivery options in Greenpoint - there are a couple of good traditional diners in the area as well as "nouveau" traditional places like Lite Bites.