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Jan 30, 2001 08:54 PM

irish woodside? Has anyone tried Cielita-- a fusion?

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Irish in woodside? Has anyone tried Cielita which is on the other side of the Long Island railway tracks (you can cross over by following signs from IRT station, or from the street). It's sign claims:
A latin restaurant with a french and Irish accent.
62-01 Woodside ave. I passed it once around 3am, doing heavy hands with 10 lb weights (the way I survive as a chowhound), and the cook who was closing up, gave me their card, but I haven't made it back yet.

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  1. I went there once, shortly after they opened. The food was unremarkable, there wasn't another soul in there and the prices were oddly high for such a place. I had fish of some sort, this was some time ago now, so forgive the lapse in memory. My friend had a chicken dish which he really liked. And the owner/chef gave us soup on the house--the soup was stellar. Split pea. I have some issues with their huge fusion span: irish, french, latin, continental... um? I don't know, it seemed a bit much. My guess is they won't last very long. The location is unusual, no one is ever in there, and the cuisine isn't very focused, seems more intent on trying to appeal to every type of person who lives in the neighborhood rather than finding its own niche.

    1. yesterday when i said i thought this place would go out of business? well... a woodside friend just informed me that Cielito is being taken over by some fast-food chicken establishment. good-bye many fusioned cuisine. supposedly, there's already a sign in the window to this effect.