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Jan 30, 2001 08:39 PM

Zlata Praha's February "Venison Feast"

  • j

I walked by this Czeck place (in Astoria) the other day and spotted a poster advertizing a "venison feast" Feb. 16-18 and 23-25. There was an email address ( so I emailed them and they emailed me the menu and the posted as a pic.

I have eaten there before, and the food is good. Their complete dinners are good because they include soup, coffe, and dessert.

Anyway. the menu has over a dozen venison dishes, as well as other game such as rabbit, quail, rabbit, boar etc...

Well consider this a heads up. You can email them for the menu as well. The file is big though.

I myself am definitely going to check it out myself.


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