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Jan 30, 2001 05:36 PM

breakfast in Queens

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I was wondering if anyone knows any really good places for sat. breakfast in Queens, or even in Bklyn. We schlep to Veselka every Sun. because we love it, but everything we've tried closer to home (Forest Hills)has been sorely lacking in either food quality or ambience. And by the way, Ashoka is the best. Thanks.

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  1. Krystal's Cafe in Woodside makes wonderful breakfast. It is on Roosevelt and 69th. I've written about it on this board before, you can find it by searching for "Krystal".

    1. OK, I've been holding off on posting this but I love my fellow 'hounds and the great suggestions and info I've received over the last couple of, here you go:

      Jackson Hole Airline Diner (I go to the one near LaGuardia off of the Grand Central/BQE - there are others in, as a poster said recently, "the inner borough") does brunch until 3pm on Sat and Sun.

      They make the BEST waffles anywhere!! (they use the old cast-iron waffle makers you have to flip over! crispy on the outside - mmmm) The pancakes are also amazing!! They have pancake and waffle breakfasts (with or without eggs and/or meat), several brunch specials (a killer burrito, club steak, chopped steak, chicken breast) which all come with a mug of fresh-squeezed orange juice (the mechanical machine that feeds, splits, and juices the oranges is sooo cool!) eggs and potatoes and choice of toast, scone or bialy, and almost any other breakfast thing you can think of. During brunch hours coffee/tea is included with breakfast. They always have fabulous fresh fruit (alone or on the pancakes, french toast or waffles).

      It is a refurbished old diner with all the chrome and vinyl you could ask for. There's even parking. One suggestion, get there before 11:30 am or after 12:30 pm...

      It is the best breakfast I have found -

      But Jeffrey O. (I'm a J.O. too!) keeps mentioning the Krystal Cafe and I think I will have to try it soon...

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      1. re: Jill
        Jeremy Osner (not Jeffrey)

        Is it the same chain as the Jackson Holes in New Jersey? I've never had their waffles but don't think much of the pancakes. But I think I will head up to LaGuardia to give the waffles a try.

        1. re: Jill

          Thanks Jill -know how you feel about telling. I always have misgivings about telling anyone about Ashoka. We'll probably go this week-end and will let you know how it goes.

          And thank you Jeremy, but some of the stuff I read here said some pretty negative things about it. Have you been there recently?

          1. re: wendy

            I go there frequently, hasn't been more than a month. I don't like the place much for dinner but for breakfast and lunch it can't be beat. Maybe the negative comments you are reading come from people who ate dinner there?

            1. re: Jeremy Osner

              Yes, the comments were about dinner, so I'll take your recommendation. Curious tho' if it's a 'regular' American-type breakfast or some variant. I guess you can tell that breakfast is of abnormal importance to us.

              1. re: wendy
                Jeremy Osner

                Not exactly a "normal American-type breakfast", it is Filipino, eggs with meat, rice and salad. The eggs will come fried unless you ask for a different prep., the fried are good but the scrambled are way better. I've never ordered any other prep. Options for meat are smoked ham, sausage, fish and one other; my favorite is the smoked ham. The rice is wonderful.