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Jan 28, 2001 06:27 PM

Great Butcher -- Astoria

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Ellen found an excellent butcher yesterday, at Broadway and 43rd St. Can't remember the name -- they make the best specials (big hot dogs -- I think the real name of the sausage is knockwurst but am not sure) I've had, really big and with excellent flavor and texture; also homemade pastrami which knocked my socks off -- I was not super-impressed with the salami I tasted but there are many other varieties to choose from. The pastrami alone is reason enough to go there.

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  1. oh yes..i think u mean at 37 / 38 street?(astoria meat products?) my ukrainian mother always bought her easter kielbasa here..they have all sorts of great smoked meats, schaller and weber stuff, pierogies of the last of this type left in the!

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      Sounds good. But the one we're refering to is diagonally across the street from The Pampered Poodle - 43rd St. & Broadway.

      1. re: Ellen

        I believe the one on 43rd and Brdwy is called "Muncan".
        The stuff there is similar to "Astoria Meat Product's", but I find the guys at "Muncan's" more friendly, more like an old neighborhood butcher. Products are excellent at both.

        1. re: Ellen

          The butcher on 43rd and Brdway is called "Muncan". Similar to what you'll find in "Astoria Meat Products"
          a few blocks down Brdwy (38th, I believe). I find the guys in Muncan to be friendlier, with some personality, kinda like an old neighborhood butcher (the guys in Astoria Meat Products are virtually catatonic, you'll be tempted to check their pulse for signs of life). Meat products at both are excellent.

          1. re: Ellen

            The place on 43rd and Brdwy is “Muncan”. The stuff here is similar to what you’ll find at “Astoria Meat Products”, a couple of blocks down Brdwy (37th, I believe), however I find the guys at Muncan to be friendlier, with more personality, kinda like an old neighborhood butcher (when I shop at Astoria Meat Products I’m often tempted to take the pulse of the guys behind the counter to check for signs of life).
            Meat products are excellent at both shops.

          2. re: allen vella

            I dont know whether they're still there, but I remember, from maybe 5 years ago a very good pork butcher on Ditmars somewhere e. of 31st - they were mittel-european (I cant remember ethnicity) but NOT polish or ukrainian and they had great, distinctive sausages. Anyone else know what I am talking about?

            1. re: jen kalb

              jen..i know exactly the place.."horyl and suda..successor to b. hrdina" not there for at least 5 years, 93-94..i lived in the hood my whole life and this was totally a fave, they smoked thier own...the place on bway does remind me of the other one though..check it always enjoy your informative posts av

              1. re: allen vella

                Thanks for circling back, Allen. Im really sorry to hear they are gone.

            2. re: allen vella

              Astoria Meat Products does sell great stuff - my polish grandparents and great grandparents go there for keilbasa all the time. When I was a little boy I used to go with my mom and great grandmother and the older man there used to give us little sausages to eat.

            3. e
              Edward Aretz

              There really is a much better butcher in Astoria. Sonny's Meats, 27-13 24th Avenue (tel (718) 278-8764) is a great little butcher shop. While many people think of Astoria as a totally Greek enclave, there is a strong old time Italian presence. Sonny's is run by a wonderfully friendly man named Rudy. He not only sells teriffic prime meats at very good prices, but perhaps makes the best sandwich in Queens.

              Rudy takes the end pieces of prime meat, fries it up with cheese and puts in a fresh bun. WOW! At $4.95 it is a great buy. It feed two.

              I suggest that others try it and report back. You won't be sorry. They also offer free delivery (of meat, not sandwiches).