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Jan 24, 2001 11:31 AM

Any thoughts on Grappa Caffe on Court/Cobble Hill? eom.

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Thanks, as always!

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  1. Food is pretty good for the price. But I found the service to be a little rusty, the Bartender pretentious and the wine by the glass horrible. I may go there again another night and give it one more chance b/c the food is pretty good. The chef is ex-picholine.

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      I ate their for lunch twice. It came out to about $25 each time (with tax and tip, but no drinks) for two people. Both times we shared the house antipasto ($5) that while not huge, everything on it was delicious and distinctive tasting, especially the mushrooms. The penne with eggplant ($7 or 8) was excellent. If you closed your eyes, you would think you were eating a rich meat sauce. The other pastas we tried were also very good. The only thing that I wouldn't ofer again was the hamburger, although the polenta fries that came with it were absolutely delicious. Then again, this is an Italian restaurant. The waitpersons we had both times were very nice also.

      All in all, I consider this restaurant a real find at about half the price or even more of what you would pay in Manhattan.