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Jan 23, 2001 03:44 PM

shopping for food....

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i recently moved to dean and 3rd ave, and i am desperately looking for places to purchase quality produce and meat. i've seen many posts about food shopping in the cobble hill and park slope areas, but i was wondering if there was anything closer to my in-between neighborhood. the pathmark is pretty close by, and while it has its certain behemoth charm, the quality of its produce is pretty despicable.


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  1. I think there may be a halal butcher on Atlantic between 3rd and 4th - there is or was also a live poultry place somewhere on 3rd not that far from you. Both good sources for fresh meat, if you are adventurous. Other than those and the Pathmark in Atlantic Terminal, there are few non-bodega-oid food-shopping options right around you.

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    1. re: jen kalb

      thanks, for the info. there isn't anything north of atlantic is there? i guess i'll just have to suck it up and go to the court street area.

      1. re: braid

        You might want to look down Livingston toward Nevins - in the past there was a fish market and a vegetable/fruit store there, but I havent looked recently. But in general, no.

        1. re: braid

          Definitely try Sahadi, on Atlanti between Court and Clinton. It's a Middle Eastern grocery shop with loads of bulk foods... a great place to get olive oil without having to go to Zabar's. If you like Middle Eastern foods you will be thrilled, but I think anyone can find something here. Their dried fruits are amazing and half the price of anywhere else. Good prepared foods in the back... tahini etc. Don't go on weekends when it is a madhouse.

          1. re: Sarah

            I second the recommendation of Sahadi's. However I must differ as to prepared foods. Hummus, spinach pies, baklava etc. are all made better at other places on the same block. Sahadi's hummus in particular is not worth eating. I would recommend buying hummus, baba, other dips and spreads across the street at the place I think is called Oriental Grocery -- it's the only middle-eastern shop on the opposite side of Atlantic -- and spinach and meat pies at the bakery a few doors up from Sahadi's, whose name I likewise cannot recall. You'll want to stop in there anyways for fresh pita bread.

            1. re: Jeremy Osner

              The bakery is Damascus Bakery, and their various pies are excellent. But don't miss the pistachio baklava. It's one of the most delicious things, period.

              1. re: Lauren

                I agree with the above - including the rec for Damascus's pistachio baklava - but I do believe that the range of prepared foods served at the back counter of Sahadi is worth consideration - mujjadara, broccoli sauteed with garlic and topped with scads of browned onions, couscous salad, etc. the pates (standard brands, admittedly) are well priced. And I like their baba ganoush pretty well.

                1. re: jen kalb

                  Well I will bow to your greater experience here; I have not tried the majority of their prepared foods other than the spreads and dips and pies. I wasn't thinking of the salads and cooked items when I made my original post.

              2. re: Jeremy Osner

                At the risk of being ostracized by my fellow hounds, I have to admit that I like the hummus I have bought at Costco. I have not tried Sahadi's neighbors but I will.

                1. re: Zephyr

                  I was recently at a party and made a big fuss over the hummus only to learn that it was from...Waldbaum's!

        2. Welcome to the neighborhood. I'm afraid that you're going to need to buy a shopping cart and walk over to Smith/Court/Atlantic for your provisions. I don't know of a single interesting purveyor down Gowanus way, although who knows what the future will bring...