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Jan 19, 2001 09:20 PM

Dahshil -- tea room on Smith St

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I've gone there twice so far, once for dinner and once for tea and cookies. The place is beautifully decorated and somewhat sparse, with a nice color scheme, attractive furniture and tracklighting. For dinner I had jap chae bop and my friend had bibimbap. Everything was very tasty. Service was friendly and attentive, and I believe that the woman who waited on us is was the owner.
Later I went back to hang out for a couple hours and enjoyed green tea and the assorted Korean "cookie" plate, which in fact turned out to be soft rice cakes along the lines of Japanese mochi. They had different toppings: honey, soy powder, and other things I didn't recognize, but all were enjoyable.

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  1. Had Bimbimbop there this evening and it was surprisingly good (meatless however). Good quality rice (nobody seems to care about the quality of rice!) and fresh tasting ingredients. Not really a restaurant per se - only a few items on the menu, but nice to know I can get a decent Korean fix in Cobble Hill. Unfortunately, the place was pretty empty while I was there....


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      I have gone to this place 3 or 4 times, but only for tea and snacks. It has always been empty. I am scared for the future of this place - although their tea and snacks are wonderful, with no one buying them, the bottom has to fall out sometime. Let's hope not...

      I heartily reccomend this place for a good place to sit Sunday morning with the Times and some tea.

      1. re: igj

        Try the citron tea, which is tangy and sweet and has tart little bits of rind floating in it. Mmmmn.

        Every time I'm there it's empty too. I wish they'd put a sign up on the window advertising their food...