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Jan 19, 2001 01:49 AM

Goat at Kabab Cafe

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As if anyone needs another reason to eat at Kabab Cafe, Ali has been featuring grilled goat more and more lately: It is superb. Served rare with pan juices and sauteed vegetables over rice, with a side of THOSE potatoes, it's another reason to be happy to be alive.

Even though I live in Manhattan, I think I eat more often at KC than any other restaurant in NYC. No chef in the city gave me more pleasure than Ali in 2000. As both a restaurateur and raconteur, he has few peers. Thanks to Alpha-Hound for leading the way.

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  1. Where is the Kabob Cafe?

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    1. re: Penelope

      Kabab Cafe is at 25-12 Steinway St. in glorious Astoria, Queens. Phone is (718) 728-9858. Go and put yourself in Ali's hands -- he won't steer you wrong.

    2. I have yet to try the goat. Regardless, The Kabab Cafe is my favorite restaurant in the whole world. If I haven't been there in awhile I start craving it. I am a Kabab Cafe junkie! Ali is a wonderful human being.