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Jan 18, 2001 12:16 PM

Brooklyn Grill

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Anyone been? It's on Atlantic Avenue. It looks intriguing. Opinions? Reviews?

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  1. Driven past it a many times ( i live right in the nabe) but haven't tried it would love to hear reviews.

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    1. re: Mimosa

      Have eaten at Brooklyn Grill a few times. Consistently good food and service. The owners may reserve the freebies for friends of friends but they are gracious and welcoming to one and all. The menu is kind of hard for me to classify. It's not huge, but seems to have something for everyone (I can still taste the perfectly roasted chicken with truffled risotto.) I guess you could call it eclectic American with global accents. Not overly ambitious but not comfort food either. Moderate price range. It's on Atlantic between Smith and Hoyt, south side of the avenue. (The same space that used to be Antics, which the new owners renovated nicely--although I liked the space when it was Antics too. The deck now has a bar, and they still have the little outdoor garden.) Great pre-BAM destination.

      1. re: Dee

        Went once a few months back shortly after moving into the neighborhood. Can't say we disliked it particularly but we never went back -- choosing instead to walk much further to the much better places (saul, grocery, smith street kitchen, joya) down smith or court. However, we will try again and report back to the board soon...

    2. Where on Atlantic???

      1. Can't report. But Arthur Schwartz has recommended it to people asking for a place to dine when they are on their way to BAM when they call in to his program Food Talk on WOR. I ate there once just after they opened, and they were still so much in the "first week of opening" that it wouldn't have been a good time to assess things. They have a surprisingly large dining room compared to most neighborhood places.

        1. Where???

          1. We ate there about a year ago. The food was great and the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly but still sophisticated. (Disclosure - the owner is a friend of a friend, and he threw in some freebies which definitely made things even more special, but my assessment of the place is completely candid.) It was a while ago, but I remember loving an appetizer with shrimp and some sort of pancake (chickpea, maybe), as well as a delicious salmon dish whose exact components escape me at the moment. I also had a slab of grilled rare tuna with a yummy balsamic glaze. The menu didn't strike me as fussy in any way - just solid but extremely well-prepared American food. Also, the room is quite big and I think there's a garden in the back, which makes me think it would be a good place for larger groups or parties. It's on Atlantic between Hoyt and Bond, I believe - about a block or so past Smith.