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Jan 17, 2001 05:01 PM

lemon ice king rival?

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I know it's not yet summer, but I can't help beginning to salivate over the idea of kicking back in Corona, watching the bocce and sampling some snacks from the Lemon Ice King himself. But! I heard from someone that there is a better italian ice place in Bensonhurst. Does anyone know the name and where it is? Or if this is just a vicious rumour generated to oust Corona's King? Actually, I think my friend heard this on NPR, and I's venture a guess they're a trustworthy joint. Thanks.

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    The best Italian ices are at Ralph's in Staten Island.
    Port Richmond Ave


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      ah the lemon ice!

      when i was 4, in 1966, my mother took me to visit her college roommate, who was then living on w. 4th st in the west village. it was the first time i had ever been to new york. we're all from kansas, you know.

      my mother gave me a dime and let me walk down the stairs to the corner of what seems to have been 6th ave. & w. 4th. there i bought my first italian lemon ice. it was a real ice, not the fake stuff you mostly get today....ahh...

      i went back to kansas tried to explain it to people for years and years. they gave me blank looks. "we have sno-cones here too, you know," they'd say....

      so finally i just moved to new york. where of course it's now practically impossible to get a lemon ice.

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        No it's not. It's actually pretty easy. Check out any number of threads here on the very same topic. To summarize a few:
        Ralph's on Staten Island
        Lemon Ice King of Corona
        Several Italian pastry shops on Bleecker St. inc. Bleecker St. Pastry and Rocco's
        Veniero's on 11th
        Cafe Dante on Sullivan
        Just about any Italian pastry shop, actually

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          Of course, it's pretty tough in January.

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            actually, lo it be january, i believe the lemon ice king of corona is open for business... but it's pretty chilly for wanting lemon ice... no words on the bensonhurst locale??? anyone?

    2. When I was a child, growing up in Bensonhurst, there was a bakery (Italian, of course, at that time, that's all that there was - except for my left-over Jewish family, it seemed!) called DeFillipi's (sp?) and they made their own ices and they were amazing. I remember pineapple with chunks (a favorite), cantaloupe, lemon (often getting a pit!), cherry (or a cherry stone!) and others. The pineapple and lemon were roll-your-eyes-up-in-your-head good. Don't know if it is still there, though... It was located on 86th st. (under the el) on the block just pat 23rd Ave. as you head for 25th Ave. (in the direction of L&B Spumoni Gardens).

      If it is long gone, you can always pick up a "lobster tail" (a kind of oversized flaky, crisp shell) filled with french cream (or cannoli cream, or whipped cream, or custard) at the bakery on the corner of 23rd Avenue and 86th street - not the best Italian bakery for everything but certain things, like the l.t., are amazing...