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Jan 8, 2001 04:01 PM

Red, White & Bubbly in Park Slope

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Howdy all,

I've been observing the goings on downstairs from my 5th Avenue apartment, as the neighborhood hardware store was gutted, and new, softly track-lit, buttery walls installed. The sign appeared on Saturday for Red, White & Bubbly. My astute powers of deduction lead me to assume that this is a new, Slopey wine shop, but can anyone give further insight? It's between Union & President, directly across from my beloved Donuts Coffee Shop and Beso.

Yuppie wine shop downstairs from me--there goes the neighborhood. God bless rent stabilization.


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  1. I'm afraid its true. Now we'll really miss old Master Floor Covering...When I asked the old man who ran the hardware store what was coming in, he seemed quite bemused when he told me a wine store. Incidentally, although the rent went skyrocketing, I'm sure, the people in the hardware store told me that they wanted to retire anyway and that they weren't being "forced out."

    1. My heart bleeds for you. It's terrible the way a neighborhood can change.
      Are you nuts?? I would trade every bodega in the Bronx for one yuppie wine shop ;)

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        I'm with you, Bill, (Cucina was definitely the beginning of, and perhaps part of the reason for, 5th Avenue's upswing) except in this case, I live on 5th, within a block of the valet parking and it's a PITA!! They take up all of the available spaces on the surrounding blocks and then double park the spill over. And they're not above parking in hydrants. So, it's definitely a mixed blessing.

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          I can always trek to 7th for the wine--I'm just worried about what the presence on a yuppie wine shop is gonna do to local rents! I've actually lost 2 of my nearby bodegas lately. One not yet rented out and one is a cat clinic. Pretty soon, I'm going to be able to get some amarone and the animal of my choice spayed or neutered, but I won't be able to make a 1 a.m. run for Diet Coke. Pathetically, I'll always opt for the Diet Coke proximity.

          If Donuts Coffee Shop gets forced out, though, there will be blood in the streets.


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          2. I've heard it belongs to the ower of Cucina, and that it would specialize in Italian wines--prehaps exclusively.

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              ...which, IMO, would make it even more unfortunate as he already has Mike and Tony's and Cucina in the two block area. Lets just hope there won't be valet parking for the wine store also!

              1. re: Zephyr

                It seems to me irrelevant what else the man owns. The proof will be in the bottles.

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                  By the way, what used to be in the spaces now occupied by Al Di La or Convivium? I don't hear their passing being mourned.

                  1. re: Alan Emdin

                    Hey, I'm thrilled that I can leave my house and within mere steps dine at Al Di La, Mike & Tony's, Beso, et al. I feel extremely lucky that's the case, as opposed to a few years ago when I moved in when choices were rather limited. However, there's got to be a balance in a neighborhood.

                    As much as I adore these restaurants, I can neither afford not have the energy to patronize high-end restaurants every single night. I doubt also that all of my neighbors have the income or inclination either. While in theory, it would be absolutely fabulous to have an entire neighborhood with nothing but these fantastic choices, the truth of the matter is that it wouldn't be all that practical, nor do I believe the neighborhood could support it. I'll go to Al Di La every few months when I'm feeling flush, Mike & Tony's, Beso, etc. once every week or two, but I go to the cheap but very tasty Chinese take-out joint or Donuts Coffee Shop (a huge favorite) several times a week. They're valid choices, too, and I think necessary to the neighborhood, as is a corner store or two and the now departed hardware store.

                    There's gotta be options, and they don't all have to be high-end to be good.

                    Damn, I'm craving Bonnie's beef on weck now...


                    1. re: Kat Kinsman

                      Sure. I used to live near Smith Street, and while I think the place is vastly improved, I wouldn't eat there as often as at(get this) India House. However, if the neighborhood won't support more high end restaurants, then a new one will either fold or will take business from the existing ones, and the weakest of them will fold. On the other hand, if there is a golden opportunity for good chinese takeout, some enterprising person may try to provide some. Either way, I don't see a way of working these things out other than for owners to risk their capital and for the market to decide.

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                  Stephanie Heacox

                  A waiter at Cucina told me about its imminent arrival, and that the store would be run by a "friend of Cucina". He also said that they would be exclusively carrying a particular California wine the restaurant had featured (and which I loved), so I don't think they'll be exclusively Italian.

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                    Word on the street (well, across the street at the Donut Shop) is that it's gonna open at the end of the month and that there will be classes in the back of that mammoth space. I'll reserve judgement until then I suppose, but that sign is just so...so...out of scale with the rest of the neighborhood as a friend pointed out tonight.

                    Right now I'm just all in a tizzy wondering what has happened to my sacred New Golden across the street. New awning which now proclaims it to be "Asia Cuisine" and a takeout menu proclaiming the many health benefits of tofu. Anyone know why the change? They're closed, or else I'd march right over and ask. Looking at the menu, they seem to offer udon now, as well as a pu-pu platter, dim sum and deep fried bacon seafood roll which I'd not noticed on the previous menu. And I always notice bacon.

                    Fabulous dinner at Los Pollitos. A gentle, seductive mole poblano (as opposed to what my pal Heather dubbed the "f**k me mole" at Rancho Allegre on 7th Ave.), succulent roast chicken, crunchy, nearly greaseless tostones with garlic sauce and some steak gorditas which have now taken up permanent resident in my arteries. I could have done without the soundtrack of flute renditions of Celine Dion and Eric Clapton hits, but it was a small price to pay for such culinary delights. So was the check, by the way.

                    I do actually leave 5th Avenue every once in a while, but what's the point?


                    1. re: Kat Kinsman

                      I just moved near this nabe (flatbush and fulton street) and have read about los pollitos before and wanted to try it. What is their address? I am from California and would love to find a good Mexican place near by.



                      1. re: MM

                        For looking up restaurnats, I highly recommend yellow.com. It's a great thing (I use it several times per day), try it at link below (wait...just checked...they don't list Los Pollitos! Doh!).

                        To answer your question, 148 5th Avenue (not too far down from flatbush) 623-9152. Make sure you read thru the discussion for specific ordering tips!


                        Link: http://yellow.com

                        1. re: Jim Leff

                          It seems like every time I go to Los Pollitos, the food is even saltier. Almost painfully salty. I'd urge everyone to ask them to tone it down a bit!

                          1. re: Jim Leff

                            Thanks for the address, I hope to try it this week, i have read all of the discussions and am prepared to enjoy a great meal in my new hood. I do try to use yello.com but find that sometimes the addresses are incorrect or not available.


                            1. re: MM

                              Please report back! And look around and see what other good stuff you find around there. Handy as it is to have some sure-fire tips in your pocket, it can't beat the kick of fresh discovery (i.e. chowhounding).

                              "I do try to use yello.com but find that sometimes the addresses are incorrect or not available. "

                              Don't forget to add the final "w" to "yellow" for best results!

                          2. re: MM

                            THE ADRESS IS 148 5TH AVE.THE CORNER OF DOUGLASS ST. (TEL)718-623-9152