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Jan 4, 2001 12:28 PM

Eva's -- Ecuadorian Restaurant in Park Slope

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has anyone heard of eva's? do you know if it's good? i'm looking for a good ecuadorian restuarant.

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    Richard Barber

    You should check out this earlier report:

    I can add my own general impressions: I liked Eva's when I went there a few times last year, though I haven't been there lately. It was mostly very good, simple, very inexpensive food. It's hit and miss communicating in English. It's a very cozy, very no-frills, relaxed atmosphere - with the big exception that when I was there a big tv was going at full volume.

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      Sorry, I missed this thread.

      new owners. shadow of former selves (but, as you say, still was GREAT before!) for past two years. Happened right after my book (which included them) came out. oh well....


      1. re: Richard Barber

        I recommend Salinas (499 5th Ave near 14th St, Brooklyn, 718-788-9263) especially for the llapingachos and seco de chivo.