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Jan 1, 2001 07:20 PM

Where is Di Fara's

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I've heard so much about it.


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    Tamara Glenny

    to quote someone on this board recently:

    for those who don't know, DiFara's Pizza is located in Brooklyn at 1424 Ave J @ E15th St, (718) 258-1367, and it's a national treasure.

    It is a few steps westward along Avenue J when you come out of the Avenue J subway station (the D train).

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    1. re: Tamara Glenny
      David Edelstein

      You won't think you're at the right place since it's a hole in the wall--but you're home.

      If driving (take Coney Island Ave. or Ocean Ave. to J), a good time to go is Friday night, when parking is a breeze since all the Orthodox are home having their Shabbos meals. A bad time is Saturday night, when all the Orthodox flood into the streets to hit their kosher pizzerias etc. nearby.

      David Edelstein
      Brownstone Brooklyn